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    JPX 921's

    really like the look of the set Gap wedge and the concept of the ES wedge. thinking a JPX tour Gap wedge would blend well with the MP20 MMC's. Also looks like the ES21 will replace my T20 sand wedge. ES looks like it is combined the best of the T20 with the Ping Glide 3.
  2. Hi All, Just wondering how everyone is finding the delays in production from golf manufactures. Is it a good thing as more people are getting into golf and buying new equipment or is is just a delay as parts haven't been delivered from China or is it the reduced head count at the assembly lines? What sort of delays have people seen and how do you push back when it's too long? Who is the worst for the delays? Personally Have see 3 weeks from Callaway for a 5 hybrid head, 5 weeks from Evnroll for a ER7CS and 5 months and counting from Mizuno for a 6 iron. anyone top 5 months?
  3. Currently going through a full reshuffle of the bag and just got the 50 & 54 degree wedges to update. With MP20 MMC's was thinking about the T20 as they offer low bounce options and a similar feel to the irons. Any ones thoughts? the wedges that are being replaced are SM7.
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