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  1. This is going to keep me busy for way too long! If my wife asks, I’ll be in the garage!!!
  2. When I play any “alt format” I sync up the course so I get yardages and club recommendations but keep shot tracking off. Another option is to use it to track like normal and post round edit it to not be include in your stats. It’s kinda fun to see the stats of you and your partner(s) but I wouldn’t want it included in my stats!
  3. Adam - Las Vegas, NV Current: Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 52/10, 56/12, & 60/10 Preferred Test: 52 or 60 I played RTX-3 before my current and liked them. But the forgiveness and performance when wet sold me on the Ping Wedges.
  4. Adam / Nevada Handicap: 18 Current irons in Play: Cleveland TA5 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 165
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