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  1. I never considered fitting for the first 12 years I’ve played, but after reading a lot about it I gave it a try for some new irons. Makes a world of difference!
  2. I love using this ball.... when I find them on the course haha! They play well when I find them, which is very often!
  3. Hi all, are there any current long drive competitors/aspiring long drivers out there that would like to share a bit about how they workout, what exercises they focus on, diet, etc. I recently hit on a Trackman for the first time and had a top driver swing speed of 128mph and want to get it faster! I play about once a week and go to the gym daily but focus on "standard" lifting (bench, squat, deadlift, isolation workouts). Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  4. I believe my 7 iron was a little over 100. I thought I was just losing it but once I hit the T-100’s with the dynamic gold tour x100 shafts I was blown away!! I would try to adjust for the regular shafts but my shots were VERY inconsistent. My next step is to get new shafts for the rest of my clubs, including my driver. I’m currently hitting a TaylorMade r7 with a stiff shaft. I was fitted for a TS4 with the fujikura atmos tour spec black in X-stiff and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I now recommend to all my friends, even if they only play 1-2 times per week, to at least get on a monitor so they can have equipment made for their swing.
  5. Club fitting is the way to go! I just got fitted at a Titleist Thursday event and WOW! I have had my Snake Eyes (classic Golfsmith brand) irons for the past 12 years and it felt time to upgrade. The biggest difference I noticed is shaft, they all had true temper regular flex shafts and I was fitted with an X-stiff (driver swing speed is at 128mph). WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My shots are so much more consistent and I feel more confident in going for the green. I would recommend to anyone to get fitted for clubs that fit you the best.
  6. Matt New York Odyssey white hot 2 ball Frontline elevado single bend
  7. Matt Tolentino/ Long Island, New York 11 Snake Eyes Muscle Back (Soon Titleist T-100!!) Carry distance 7 iron - 190 yards
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