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  1. Marty Lansing, Michigan 2.1 Taylor-Made RSI-2 forged 4-gw TS 100
  2. 1. Forest Dunes 2. The Loop red and black 3. Bandon Trails 4. Arcadia Bluffs 5. Old Macdonald 6. Dinosaur Mountain 7. Eagle Eye 8. Pacific Dunes 9. Forest Akers West 10. The Broadmoor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Day 1, Bandon Trails blew my foursome away. Incredible design and condition. Shot 79. Spent two hours after the round at the PunchBowl putting course with adult beverages Day 2, Old Macdonald was the course I most looked forward to and the golf gods smiled on me, four birdies including two near aces on the par 3’s led to a 75 that included a 25 footer on 18 that I walked in! Played the par 3 course, The Preserve which is beautiful and challenging Day 3, Bandon Dunes, the most fun to play of the four. Spectacular views shot 78. Was invited by our caddie to play nearby Bandon Crossings (the caddies all go there to play after their loops) managed a 77 and ended the day at the Arcade bar for dinner and drinks Day 4, Pacific Dunes was far and away the toughest and also most scenic design, wind was up but so was my short game, 23 putts led to a 73 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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