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  1. Ordered the driver from Cleveland at 44.5, stock reg shaft. Killing it. Super forgiving. Feels balanced and effortless to swing. Retired my one year old G410 LST.
  2. I bought these about 6 weeks ago. Needed a forgiving set with graphite irons to give my elbow and injured hand a break. Took me a while to work out the short irons, but I love these sticks. My scores have really improved with these. I had my best two rounds of the year last weekend. A 77 and 76. I've shot in the 80 - 84 range most of this year, but my score are really improving now that I'm hitting more greens with these Launchers. I can hit them from any lie, and moderate rough is not an issue. Mostly, I love how forgiving they are on days when I'm not at my best. Just wish I bought them sooner!! Can't recommend them enough.
  3. I was 105 mph with the driver 3 years ago at my last driver fitting. Went for a new fitting recently, and I'm down to 101. Tried 7 different shafts during the fitting (most were stiff) and wound up with a regular in the end. Gave me the lowest spin and best distance. Like TR1 said above, there is really no standard on shaft stiffness. I does vary by manufacturer. You won't know until you try out different shafts which one will work best for you. Always best to get fitted in my experience. And yes, I play stiff in my irons and hybrids.
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