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  1. Got a 2nd shaft for my new Callaway driver. Just as stout as the one in my Sim Max. Played 2 rounds with the Callaway and not crazy about it. But the Steadfast feels the same as the one in my Sim, so they are consistent. Going back to the Sim Max full time as the Callaway didn't wow me. Still a fan of the Steadfast shaft in my driver and not looking to replace it. I've tried 4 different brand name shafts in my Sim, and the Steadfast beats them all for my swing. Thanks you Steadfast!
  2. I'm playing it in a Sim Max and I really like it. Great length and only pushed or pulls when I put a poor swing on it. Yes, I can slice it, but really have to try had to do so. I've got 4 rounds in with it, and it's been worth the price to me. Just really solid. Others have had some quality control issues with the adapter coming loose from the shaft, but mine has been solid.
  3. I tried out and loved the new TM SIM rescue/hybrid. Started with the 4, and now have the 5, 6, and 7 too. May get the 3 also. I hit such solid shots with these. Can't wait to get them in my hands when playing. Remarkable flight/distance on mishit also. They are not left biased either. They are supreme hybrids with the right shaft in them.
  4. Ordered the driver from Cleveland at 44.5, stock reg shaft. Killing it. Super forgiving. Feels balanced and effortless to swing. Retired my one year old G410 LST.
  5. I bought these about 6 weeks ago. Needed a forgiving set with graphite irons to give my elbow and injured hand a break. Took me a while to work out the short irons, but I love these sticks. My scores have really improved with these. I had my best two rounds of the year last weekend. A 77 and 76. I've shot in the 80 - 84 range most of this year, but my score are really improving now that I'm hitting more greens with these Launchers. I can hit them from any lie, and moderate rough is not an issue. Mostly, I love how forgiving they are on days when I'm not at my best. Just wish I bought them sooner!! Can't recommend them enough.
  6. I was 105 mph with the driver 3 years ago at my last driver fitting. Went for a new fitting recently, and I'm down to 101. Tried 7 different shafts during the fitting (most were stiff) and wound up with a regular in the end. Gave me the lowest spin and best distance. Like TR1 said above, there is really no standard on shaft stiffness. I does vary by manufacturer. You won't know until you try out different shafts which one will work best for you. Always best to get fitted in my experience. And yes, I play stiff in my irons and hybrids.
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