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  1. Jamal - Baltimore, MD Yes Either free hand or if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll use the half ball plastic alignment tool. ProV1x/MTB-X Black- Align XL - DTJB
  2. Glad you made it out there okay, look forward to you sharing your experiences!
  3. Thanks! Local knowledge always preferred over those damn “lists”
  4. Yeah that’s what I’ve figured about the list. Concur about Mark. He’s definitely one of the better guys I’ve gotten instruction from.
  5. Awesome guys. Thanks for validating what I was already told. I take lessons from Mark there and he suggested Brandon. Wanted to see what you guys thought since for whatever reason they’ve fallen off GD’s list even though they were on it a few years ago. I don’t know how much stock I put in that list anyway, every golf galaxy and golftec is on there.
  6. Hello fellow DMVers! Just wanted to introduce myself since I just moved to the area (near Ft Meade). I moved from California this summer and have defintely been enjoying the different courses since. I've been playing a lot of the MCG courses, but have also been out to a few other non-MCG courses. I would definitely be interested in rounds with fellow members. I've been lurking here for a bit, but I think this is my first post. I also have a question for you guys. I'm looking to get fit into some new irons (and possibly driver) this winter. I've heard good things about Brandon Johnson at Nighthawk (and its 15 min from where I live). I've been to the second swing a few times, and their Tour Van fitting area seems pretty legit. The Top 100 list also recommends Golf Care Center and Golf Doctor in DC. I would be willing to drive a bit to find the right person. I know most of these places are indoor and off mats. I really like the idea of seeing the ball flight and testing irons off grass. Does Nighthawk let you do this? Anyway, what I'm really after is to hear some of your experiences and recommendations. Thanks!
  7. I’ll take the weights. PM sent.
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