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  1. Shankapodemus


  2. I've played the SuperSoft in the passed. It was a very low spin ball off every club which for most people equals straighter. But, yeah, no greenside spin.
  3. I've started playing the AVX because I was ballooning the ball on the long irons, especially the two and four iron into the wind. The AVX appears to get that flight down to what I'd rather see. I'm a bit concerned about the quality of the ball though, and at $52/dozen, one would have expected it to be on par with the Pro V1 and X. Robot testing has shown otherwise apparently.
  4. This is an interesting take. Looking forward to a comprehensive test of these putters. I smacked a few around with the blade. It really feels great. Claimed distance control on mishits appeared to be legit.
  5. Howdy. I hail from Tallahassee Florida and am a member at Capital City Country Club. I have an unrequited love of this silly game. I'm establishing a handicap that should end up in the high single digits this year. I came after seeing the work the guys are doing. Specifically the flagstick in or out test, the ball test (which has me positively SHOOK), and I'm looking forward to the wet wedge results. I'm here to contribute where I can and firmly believe that sharing empirical data not conjecture is how people improve their equipment in this game even if feel is still king of the swing. Thanks for having me. I'll try not to s*** the bed.
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