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  1. David Wolk

    David Wolk

  2. The site states no cancellation during program and no refund once started. How did you get around that?
  3. David, Palisades, NY 10964 Swing Speed: 85 ProV1 Preference: Tour
  4. Ok. Anything to do with golf instruction is complicated but I'll try to answer. I have had a number of teachers in the past, read books, played, etc. Like many I'm not sure what I don't understand, and know enough to know my analysis of what is happening is not necessarily correct. Working with Gankas has, for the first time in my life, given me tools and understanding I can trust. This is what I meant by using the word coherent. So many things I've incorporated into my swing previously are now seen through a much brighter light, not right or wrong, seen. The speed with which we went from one idea and posture and movement to another was not random and just kept making a new kind of sense, real sense, understanding. Is he for everyone? Obviously I have no idea. Are there other wonderful teachers, of course as George says all the time. Just a question of where you are in the swing, your own psychology, etc. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and knew I wanted to meet him. For me, it is a revelation. I'm killing my driver, freely and simply by turning, my irons finally have some force and direction. I'm a student again and working on a game I love.
  5. I spent three days with George this May. (Three 1-hour lessons) Flew out from NY just for this. I do not do crazy things like this often. I was completely taken by the understanding and intelligence of the youtube videos. In person, he was serious, interesting, focused, friendly, and a pleasure to be with as anyone could possibly be. Not a wasted moment. Encouraging, patient, quick, really an extraordinary profound experience. It was difficult and I had to be really present, attentive. I'm 72 and a 10 handicap. I know a lot about golf after playing for so many years but for me it became real, coherent, repeatable and now only getting better as I'm able to feel more and more of what he showed. I A wonderful experience.
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