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I am not into social media. I don't believe people ae interested what and when I do something or that everyone is entitled to my opinion. If I were to test equipment I would be more than willing to share. I used Titleist Ap2 irons with Project X shafts, the original ones, no 7## on them. I've had them since 2008. As I get older I need a bit more forgiveness but don't want to give up the forged feeling. I recently purchased Mizuno JPX 919 Forged with Recoil 95 shafts. Never had graphite in my irons before. My AP 2s were 2 degrees up and 2 strong. I haven't tinkered with these yet but I am noticing that my toe is catching the dirt more and then the ball tends to go right, which makes sense, as my toe hits the face opens. When the ground is soft, not so bad, but when its dry and hard, not good. I need to bend them. I am sure my swing has changed some in the last 12 years so I need to hit on a strike board. 

Now see, writing all this for others to read seems rather silly as these are my issues. I am not asking for advice as I know what to do. However, now that I think about it, someone may relate to the change from steel to graphite.


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