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  1. Played 18 with them yesterday. Felt driver distance was a bit longer, iron play as well. Height was not noticeably higher or lower. Sound was definitely softer (not the whack). Full iron shots into the green the spin was excellent (for my swing) - ball didn’t suck back, but checked and held nicely...I was impressed with that. I felt around the greens, the spin was a bit inconsistent, and they seemed to roll out quite a bit. Also, durability comes into question - had 3 get “shingled” (cut from iron grooves), which I have not seen happen with balls in some time. All in all a good ball, looking forward to playing my next round with them. FYI - my normal ball is Bridgestone Tour B Xs. JJ
  2. Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ USA Driver speed is 114mph Current Ball Bridgestone Tour BXS Prefer Tour X
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