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  1. - Daniel - NC - Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 Counter-Balanced (32" Shaft, Stock Grip and the best part ... the BRONZE Face ) - Frontline Elevado Single Bend, 34", RH (Love my blade, but I'd like to try something different) I LOVE my current Cleveland putter, so I'm very excited about this new line! I bought my current model off the used rack from the big box retailer. Tried out several putters that day (including VERY expensive models) and I made more putts with the $40 used Cleveland than anything! . I just made a couple of 6 footers yesterday (to save Par and Bogey respectively). Unfortunately, I also 3-putted a couple of times, but hey, that's just golf and operator Most people that try it comment on how heavy the head is ... I actually like the heaviness of the head. I'm a new member of the forum and this would be my first test, but I'd love the opportunity!
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