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  1. Wanting to play more this year, enter a few more tournaments and outings as well. Looking to enjoy the game more with my wife and son who just recently picked it up. Love hitting the range and course even more now.
  2. I’ve played 5 rounds with the Cut Blue ball this month. I really enjoyed the feel and performance of the ball. Cover seemed to hold up as well as the ball I normally play. We have an indoor range that I’ve been frequently going to on bad weather days. They’re just individual bays with nets connected to them. Makes it nice though because you can hit your ball instead of range balls and no worries of losing them. Was at this facility several times this month and used these balls to practice for close to an hour each time. The covers seemed to hold up pretty well. They did rip up a bi
  3. Richard Igney. Fort Wayne, Indiana I currently using nothing. In past seasons I have used golf gps apps on my phone. Found issues with some of them so I went back to using yardage markers on the courses along with score card graphs. I feel technology can only help improve the game. From new innovations with club materials to the accessories we carry impact our experience.
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