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    Jwc5149 reacted to Siamese Moose in 2024 My Golf Spy Outing-Initial Discussion Update   
    I can be at French Lick in two hours, If we go there I'd be happy to put together a bourbon excursion - the heart of Kentucky bourbon country is less than an hour away.
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    The only vetting process is no Richards allowed.  And I don't mean actually guys named Richard, just guys that "act like" a Richard if you get my gist.  The only other thing will be as I may have eluded to is that deposits will be needed right away to secure a spot.
    I love all the excitement and discussion on here about last years event and more so on next years!   Which we are hoping and planning to be even better if not bigger. 
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    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    I’ll share with you Mr Smalls…. LOL
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    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    I’ll share with you Mr Smalls…. LOL
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    Jwc5149 got a reaction from EasyPutter in 2024 My Golf Spy Outing-Initial Discussion Update   
    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    Jwc5149 got a reaction from JohnSmalls in 2024 My Golf Spy Outing-Initial Discussion Update   
    I’ll share with you Mr Smalls…. LOL
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    I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
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    This is for you @Jwc5149
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    Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one 
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    Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one 
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    Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one 
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    Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one 
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    Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one 
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
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    Takomo 301MB Official Review
    Hello everyone, an introduction and a bit of a golf snapshot, I am 64 years old and have been playing golf since I was 8 and competitively since I was 12, with a slow down from about 1990 to 1998 to raise a family. My first win was a local tournament called "the little masters" that was held at executive par 3's in the lower mainland when I was about 13 and I was hooked on tournament golf. I won club championships in both match and medal play and because I transferred around British Columbia and Alberta with my job I had the opportunity to win in many cities on many different courses. I have won some club tournaments and my last win was the 2019 Rivershore Senior in Kamloops against a strong senior field. My work kept me from playing many provincial and national championships in my early years and although I missed them I don't think I was mature enough at the time to really compete anyway. Something clicked when I turned 55 and knew that amateur senior golf was an opportunity for me, I worked really hard on my game and on my health and in my 1st bc senior amateur championship in 2013 I finished second and made the bc team to go to the amateur senior national championship. My performance wasnt what I wanted at the nationals but again I got a taste of the game at the highest amateur senior level and was hooked again. Since then I have played in 10 provincial championships and 8 national championships made the cut in everyone but 1 national. Interestingly enough that one missed cut at the nationals made me realize I needed some mental help so I hired a sports psycologist when I returned and that was life changing for me and my game, I also have a swing coach locally that I have worked with since 2018. I am playing in 11 tournaments this season. As far as clubs, I don't change clubs very often, since 2003 I have had 2 sets of irons, Mizuno and currently have Miura's and have been pondering a new set for the past year or so, I did buy a new driver 2 years ago and it took me a year and a half to pull the trigger. I look forward to the opportunity to communicate my feelings on the Takomo 301 muscle back irons from the perspective of a very competitive amateur senior golfer. 
    this picture didn't turn out fully but you can see the Olympic Mountains in the background in Washington State, this is a look down the 3rd hole, a par 5 at Olympic View where I am a member, the reason for the picture is I am looking forward to getting my Takomo irons and giving them a rip on this beautiful hole, I visualize....4 iron-4 iron-wedge to 3 feet and sink putt for birdie..... (maybe eh?) 

     I thought I would pos this here as well as another thread, I had a question about why I was working on my scoring clubs, this will seque into when my Takomo irons arrive as I will do the same work with them that I do with my current set...
    it is a change of mindset, always evolving so to speak, this may be a long explanation so please bear with me. I like to break down my game into 1. distance clubs (driver/3 wood)..2. long irons (2 hybrid, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid (like to get close to the hole but realistically pin high or on the dance floor somewhere is good)3.  5 iron, 6 iron (same as long irons however a bit closer if possible) 4. scoring irons 7 iron (carry's 150 in the summer) 8 iron-140, 9 iron-130. PW 120, 50 degree 100 and 56 80 yds.5.putting and chipping. so as my game evolves and I omit concerns with the 1.2.3.and 5. then it is time to concentrate more on 4. 
    So I will still go through my bag on the range, 5 balls with each of the other clubs however go back and hit 30 or more balls with just the scoring clubs and when I am on the course I will focus a bit more on striking them pure and making sure my face and path are really really good.... 
    Just as an example today I finished my round, had a good day 72 even par, just ready to get in my car and come home but said to myself (you are not going to get any better sitting on the couch)  so got my equipment out and headed down to the range... worked on my scoring clubs again... I am excited to get my Tacomo irons so I can work with them as well... 
    This is me when I found out my Takoma's were on the way.....
    Guess what!!! They just arrived, I will unpack them, get some pictures and post... I have really fun stuff planned... stay tuned...

    nice hat came with the package...
    All the lengths look perfect, 1 degree flat, thank you.... just heading to an indoor testing facility to check my carry distances, they will be in my bag tomorrow...

    Hey everyone, I was able to game my Takomo's today, 1st time in a few weeks as I was gaming my Miura's in my past 3 tournaments. It always takes me a while to get confident in any new equipment but by golly today was a real stepping stone.
    Right off the bat my second shot on 1 called for a "tween" shot 110 yds to the hole, that is a "hands at 9 o'clock shot for me with my PW" Grab my Takomo PW commit to the shot and hit it to 10 feet pin high left...
    3rd shot on number 3 par 5, into a heavy breeze from the west, it usually blows from the west on my course, anyway, I flared my second shot into the rough, downhill 145 yards to the hole, pull out 1 club extra, 6 iron, stay with the shot, hit it right in the middle of the club, flight it down and run it up to about 15 feet short of the pin. These are not easy shots at the best of times.
    Number 4 par 3, 145 to the flag into the fan again, my partner hits it 10 feet past the hole with a downhill putt, I decide to hit my 145 carry club, 7 iron, and hit it hard as there is at least a one club wind, hit ii in the middle of the club off a tee and land it 5 yds short of the pin, great shot. 
    anyway my day went on like that pretty much the whole day, the shot of the day was on number 15, pushed my drive into the crap, again downhill sidehill shot, 168 to the flag with the wind this time however the shot called for a low punch shot to the front of the green and run back to the hole, I pulled 5 iron, punched it perfectly pin high, big smile on my face. 
    really good day with the irons looking forward to tomorrow...
    Final Review
    First off I would like to thank MyGolfSpy Forum and Takomo for the opportunity to review the Takomo 301 MB irons, and most importantly get them in my hands and play them. Also a shout out to @GolfSpy_BNG and the rest of the Takomo testing crew, I enjoyed this experience very much. Also, due to my inability to understand technology well enough, I had some fun pictures to share and when I figure it out I will share them lol...
    First Impressions (18 out of 20) 
    As I have tested the product I have kept my ear to the ground whenever anyone on social media or otherwise have mentioned Takomo 301 MB’s. One social media personality compared them to Miura (which I currently play) and to Mizuno’s players irons. And MyGolfSpy ranked them second in their players irons testing, I was very impressed with that. I feel they are similar to the OEM muscle back irons they offer ie. Titleist, Taylor Made. They are a forged head with a great feel and sound. …….others have marveled at them, they very much look like a TaylorMade 770s. While they are not forged the feel and sound on these 101Ts is impressive.  They definitely are better than other hollow bodies.  Unlike my Haywood Signatures, the face does not seem to have the similar hot spots vs the 101Ts.  This leads to more consistent shot distances.  The forgiveness is still there, but the lower offset and smaller head size leads to a better ability to control the ball.
    The only reason I ranked the first impression at 18 is that my request to have certain lofts from the factory on each club however they were unable to do that, not a big deal as I have a good club maker close to me that had absolutely no problem getting the lofts I required. (the reason for the loft adjustment for me is I like to have certain distance coverages for certain irons and the stock Takomo MB’s have more of a standard loft than my current irons.) The KBS Tour Lite stiff shafts matched very well with the irons and I had Takomo adjust the heads to 1 degree flat, as I will say later in the review I may get fitted for a different shaft, more on that later. Coming out of the box was very very exciting for me. 
    Aesthetics (9 out of 10)
    The 301 MB’s are great looking irons.  The narrow top line and the way they look when you look down on them at adress, all you can see is the top line, for me I don't need to see (the junk in the trunk) however these muscle backs don’t have a lot on the back anyway. The finish and the quality are great and quite frankly are nicer than much higher priced OEM muscle back irons.
    The finish is really nice. The one downside is the limited number of shaft choices and no graphite shafts as stock only special orders. Stock is just KBS Tour or KBS Tour Lite. Good shafts, but it would be nice to have a couple of other choices. They come with Lamkin grips which are good quality and of course if I needed other shafts I could get them locally so not a deal breaker as far as I am concerned. 
    I love the simplicity of the Takomo logo, when I show them off at the range every player says “they look sleek and the logo is sleek as well, aesthetically they just set up perfect.
    The Numbers (5 out of 10)
    After I received the irons I went directly to fitting centre, put “driving range setting” on and went through all the irons to check only carry distance, I don’t get too wrapped up on side spin etc. So I was pretty well dead on 1 club shorter than my other irons due to the more loft on the MB’s out of the box. After I had those numbers I got them strengthened by 2 degrees (the fitter said due to the quality of the heads it was no problem strengthening all the clubs). After they were adjusted the carry distance was bang on what I wanted. The trajectory was the same as my Miura’s, looked the same on the range as well. I don’t notice any sound difference when the ball comes off the head and I would notice that immediately if that was the case. 
    Accuracy: Definitely not worse than my current irons, the only time they are not accurate is when I mishit them, which isn’t very often, I am the type of golfer that doesn’t blame my tools, I take responsibly for shots that go astray, however having said that I wouldn’t “game" any clubs that weren’t accurate with my swing. We did an “irons only” competition with the rest of the testers and the 4 iron was very accurate which is one I don’t usually use as I have a 4 iron hybrid in my current set. All the rest were accurate enough for me to shoot 2 over par for 18 holes, it was fun hitting out of the middle of the fairway off the tee. One area I like to work on with new irons is “feel” shots around the green for example bump and run with a PW or 9 iron, 8 iron etc. This will take time to understand the spin and release of the Tacoma’s and I look forward to working on those shots this fall and winter. The weight of the irons feel a wee bit heavier than the Miura’s but that may be the shaft as well.
    Distance: I don’t have a very fast swing, never have, so distance for me is more “I need the PW to carry 115 yds, 9 iron 130, 8 iron 150, 7 iron 160, 6 iron 170, 5 iron 180, and 4 iron 190. These distances are all fine tuned in a controlled environment, ie inside in a hitting booth, so I have confidence when I am in competition, I achieve these number through swing and loft adjustments, and like I said there is no issue adjusting the lofts.
    Trajectory: I used to be ( in the 70’s and 80’s) considered a high ball hitter, well the young guns absolutely launch the ball now so there has been mention, from them, that I am now a low ball hitter lol… The trajectory of the Takomo MB 301’s is exactly the same as my current clubs and due to that i am happy with them.
    Forgiveness: If you as a golfer need a lot of forgiveness the Takomo Muscle Back 301’s are not for you, there is very little forgiveness, these are players clubs and perform as such.
    Control: What the 301’s lack in forgiveness they make up in control, high shots, low shots, left to right, right to left, punch shots etc. if you know how to hit these shot these irons deliver. One of my constant comments is “golf is a game of constant adjustments” there is rarely a round that is perfect conditions, these irons help me get the most out of all the conditions golf throws at us. One area that I have changed in the past 15 years that I didn’t do the 1st 25 years is that I used to be a sweeper of the ball, now I try and compress my irons and the Takomo heads love that style, the interaction with the ground is beautiful. There is a bit of a grind on the bottom of the irons which helps that out.
    Workability: I have discussed how workable these irons are, I need that is my irons and these deliver.
    On-Course (18 out of 20):
    Currently I am a scratch player, I would not game these irons if I didn’t think they would perform on the course. When you get to my lever golf is 90% mental, and I really believe that when I am in competition I really don’t need to think if my equipment is performing. I spend time in the off season making sure my tools are compatible to my swing and age (64) so when I am on course I am thinking more about mechanics and feel. I have 100% confidence in the Takomo’s and that is all I need.
    The Good, the Bad and the In Between (18 out of 20)
    The “good” is the quality of these irons. I have never had Direct to Consumer clubs before, really hadn’t heard too much about them prior to joining the MyGolfSpy forum group, but now I am going to drive my peers crazy with “why wouldn’t you get these irons, price is right and quality is spectacular, I play in local, provincial and national championships and hit balls beside the best seniors in Canada. They will be in trouble if they say “hey, what irons are those” lol...
    The “bad”. I have just spent this whole review explaining the good with these irons, the only and I mean only thing I can see bad with these is not in the head but the options with shafts and grips. I believe with the MB’s being targeted at the better players I believe there should be more options there, this is the part where I say, get fitted before you order these irons, Takomo may be able to help you get closer to what fits for you.
    Play It or Trade it?  (20 out of 20)
    I am 100% going to play these, normally I purchase new “tools” in the fall and have the winter to fine tune them and get the feel of the clubs, I was fortunate enough to get picked to test these clubs in the summer however I will game them in competition starting in mid September and ready to go for the new season starting May 2024.
    In conclusion, please consider Takomo 301MB’s for your next set of gamers… believe me you will not be disappointed. These are quality irons at a great price, a win win for everyone as far as I am concerned..
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    Jwc5149 reacted to ZackS in Takomo Irons - 2023 Forum Review   
    Let me start by saying how much I appreciate this opportunity and big thanks to MSG and Takomo. I am not big on talking about myself but here we go. My name is Zack, I was born and raised the Dallas TX area and lived here most my life other then a few years in California for college. I worked in the golf industry throughout most of my 20’s primarily in a teaching role where I was a lead instructor for a city course teaching both adults and kids then an indoor facility with Edwin Watts. I have moved into IT engineering for my career and I am a single dad.   

    My Game:
    A little on the history on my game. I started playing 23 years ago in high school. I picked up the game pretty quickly and was constantly shooting in the 80s by end on freshman year. My last few years of high school was was consistently in the high 70s. My game was at its best in college where I got down to scratch. Throughout my time in the industry I didn’t keep a handicap but my average score was mid to low 70s with a bad day being high 70s. After years of averaging about 1 round per year I played a handful of time last year and have got the bug again. I still don’t keep a handicap but currently averaging about 8 over par when I play. For a few reasons, I still don’t get play as much as I would like so I practice more than I play currently but with my analytical, perfectionist mindset, I enjoy practicing. I have to intentionally only video my swing, every so often as I will nitpick at myself too much🤣.
    How I plan to test:
    Going to start by putting them through their paces on the range to get an idea for things like feel, consistency, ball flight, etc. I also plan to get some time on a launch monitor to get numbers and compare to my current numbers. And of course test them on course when you need hit different distances, heights etc. and plan to do a irons only round as well. I will compare them to my Adams Idea Pro A12 irons which have been a very good set of forged players cavity, back irons. I think this will be a good comparison. Since I feel picking between a players cavity back and the smaller hollow body players distance irons is a decision most lower double digit or single digit players looking for a little more forgiveness would be making. I hope to provide good perspective into this having been that lower handicap, but is currently closer to the low double digit player.
    Expectations and what I ordered:
    Having looked into these irons I love the companies model, as cost has always been at minimum speed bump to getting into this game we all love. But there is a difference in value and cheap. From what I have seen I am expecting these to be a quality product and provide good value. And hope help more golfers be able make their decision on value these could provide to them.

    I selected these specs as the length and lie are what I have used and been fit to in the past. I currently use the same shaft in X stiff and don’t feel it is to much. But I am right on that line between the 2 flexes, I am a mph or 2 slower then when I was fit for my current and would like a little less weight so decided to go stiff. For these to stay in my bag they need to provide a little more forgiveness while maintaining the constant launch and distance control of my current iron. Also as I am a high ball hitter already, not launch the ball to high. And hey if I get a little more distance I will take it.
    The box looks like it took a little beating on the trip.
    But Takomo had everything packed up very well so was nothing to worry about.
    Even the shaft stickers had bubble wrap, haha!
    I thought it was a nice touch that they labeled as 1 degree flat which makes me more confident they are build as ordered.
    Since they did not have the option to order with extra wraps for the bottom hand. I had them sent with grips uninstalled so I could build them up myself. I plan in installing my Pure Grips Combo on then eventually but for testing I am going to use the Lamkin’s they come with.
    I also really like the extra touch of including a Tacoma hat and towel.
    And now for the shots you have all been waiting for. I think these are absolutely gorgeous clubs. I am not a fan of chrome usually due to the refections. I have not had them out in the sun yet but I think they have done a great job with the finish. Still has the nice chrome look, but the bushed finish refracts the light and reduces the glare.
    6 Iron from the top
    PW from the top

    4 iron from the top

    As you can see these do have some offset and a little thicker top line. But I think they are a great size and shape that walks the line between looking small enough for good players but still gives you added confidence that you can miss hit them a little and be okay.
    Final Review 7/23/23
    First Impressions: (18 out of 20)
    I love the companies model of bringing quality clubs at a fair price. As cost has always been at minimum speed bump to getting into this game we all love. So if DTC companies like Takomo can deliver on this enough to sway buys enough we will all win as this should at minimum keep the big manufactures from keeping to up their prices. That said when putting in my order, I was a little disappointed that I was not able to get grips with extra wraps for the bottom hand. It was not a huge deal and I understand the business model and so something will be cut but this seems like maybe something that could be done. It did take a little while for the clubs to arrive and we would all love for them to come within a week. But that is unfortunately not the case with supply cain these days. So I was impressed that they where stating accurate estimates on the site and able to stick to them. When the clubs arrived they where very well packed

    Having the clubs labeled as 1 degree flat makes me more confident they are build as ordered.

    I also really like the extra touch of including a Tacoma hat and towel.

    The only negative as I did notice that the PW was 1/4 inch long and it was apparently the same of for the others that got 101t’s as a well.
    Aesthetics: 10 out of 10
    I think these are absolutely gorgeous clubs. I am not a fan of chrome usually due to the refections. I have not had them out in the sun yet but I think they have done a great job with the finish. Still has the nice chrome look, but the bushed finish refracts the light and reduces the glare. The black Takomo logo on the back looks very nice on the brushed chrome.

    I think the shaping of the club does a good job of walking the line of a blade style look but with a long enough blade length and a little thicker top line that give you some confidence that if you don’t strike them perfectly you will not be punished to bad. They have also rounded the sole so there is some leading and trail edge relief.


    7 iron:

    4 iron:

    Comparing them to my current forged cavity back irons I think the Takomo’s have a smaller look to them. The blade length, sole and top line with are all about the same. What they have done to make them look more like a transitional blade is the hight top to bottom is shorter.

    The Numbers: (10 out of 10)
    I will start by saying that the Golf Galaxy where I can rent Trackman time has pretty soft mats which cause the strikes to be be higher then normal on the blade. This cause the launch to be higher and the spin to be lower then off turf. For example when I did ball testing at PGA Super Store that has much firmer mats.  With this same ball I was getting getting 19.7 degrees of launch and 7039 RPM spin which is about 1.5 degrees lower and 1000 RPM more spin. I point this out as one of the things about the players distance iron category that the Takomo 101t’s fall into is they are high launch and low spin and don’t want you to think they are to low spinning based on the numbers below. For the testing I hit 10 shots with each club to try and get a good average. My ball striking has been a little off and had a tendency to hit fat. I did remove fat shots but left all other miss hits.

    I feel as these is a good comparison as the Adams A12 Pro irons I am comparing the Takomo 101t’s against are a classic forged cavity back. In my option the hollow body “players” distance and forged “players” cavity back iron are in the same category of a iron for someone looking for something with some added forgiveness without the blade getting to big. I will point out that I have the Adams bent 1 degree strong from factory, here is a comparison of lofts.

    Comparing the numbers with the exception of for some reason I was delivering 2.5 degrees less dynamic loft on the Takomo 4 iron. The rest of the numbers differences can be contributed to the loft differences. I think this shows that the hollow body style is not inherently lower spin, at least not in this case. Now for trends that I noticed. The consistency and dispersion where better with the Takomo’s across all 3 irons. There was not a big difference difference.  But one of the common knocks you here on this style of iron compared to forged is getting hot spots and flyers. This test is not big enough to eliminate that as a possibility but at least in this test that is not the case. The other thing I noticed was very small but interesting that on average I was .8 degrees steeper on attack angle and .5 degrees less outside to in on the club path. I haven’t got them measured on a scale but at home measurements using a swing weight calculator, the Tacoma’s are 1 to 2 swing weight lighter. Also the shafts are 10 grams lighter . So I am thinking the heavier overall weight and swing weight are probably causing the club to lag slightly more behind and inside. That said my dispersion was better with the Takomo’s so slightly lighter might be a good thing for me.
    On Course: (17 of 20)
    I unfortunately don’t have any shot tracking such as Arccos to provide numbers but these irons have performed well for me in rounds during the testing period. Usually even if I hit the ball all over the place I will still make solid contact. But recently has been different going into this test. On the positive side of this I was able to test the forgiveness of the 101t’s and I was very impressed. I was getting minimal distance lose on heal or toe strikes. The turf interaction has been very good with these irons. As you can see from the pictures above, the leading edges is a little rounded then my current irons. The sole is rounded to provide some lead and trail edge relief which works cutting through the harder turf we have in the Texas summers. I think this and the strike being higher on the blade causing less spin I am seeing very little distance loss if I hit one a little fat. On that point if the higher strike causing less spin is making up for the fat strike that could speak to these having more exaggerated fliers when they happen. I have had a few shot go longer then expected but all but one was in the first round a I played with them. So with figuring out the distances still and the wind was gusty that day I am not confident it was the club and not just a combination of me and the conditions. The concerning part is on the fliers I have got they where a good 15 to 20 yards longer then normal. The downside of the of my inconsistent contact recently is that I am not able to judge distance control of the clubs as well. But overall considering this, I would say that is has been good. One of the common knocks on this style of club is hot spots and being prone to fliers. At this point I don’t have concern about this causing inconstancies. Outside of the fact that I can’t consistently work the ball like I once could. I can do so just as easily as my current irons. If you are someone who really wants to work the ball a lot you probably should still look at a blade. But you can still do so with this irons as you can see from this fade with a 4 iron off the tee.

    4iron tee.mov   followed by a lower drawing 8 iron that I hit with the wind into and off the left

    8iron.mov   Another main part that I have been impressed with is that the hollow body players distance stye iron that these fit into are always said to be lower spinning. So far I have not had an issues stopping the ball on greens. As you can see from this 7 iron from 180 yards.

    Or from my irons only round where I was able to hit a 500 yard par 5 with two 4 irons and you can see from the picture below that the one into the green the ball is sitting in it’s own divot.

    I do have to point out that the hole was a little down hill and down wind. So I am not hitting the ball Rory distances 🤣.
    The Good, the bad, the in-between: (18 of 20)
    Most of my experience with the Takomo 101t’s have been positive. Great looks, good feel, sound, performance and forgiveness. There have been a few things like they PW being a little long and towards the end I got the swing weights checked and the PW is a D0, this would be because I cut the 1/4 inch of extra length but I now will have to do something to get it back to spec. All the rest of the irons fall between D1 and D2. This is not enough the I notice it but I am not to sensitive to this but I know others are and this could be a negative. On the in-between you don’t have as many options for customizations if you are someone that really wants that but they offer 2 weight categories and regular to x-stiff in both along with length, lie and grips size. I think this is good considering the price and you can expand your shaft options in steel and graphite if a uncharge if you want.
    Play it or Trade it? (18 of 20)
    For now the Takomo 101t’s are staying in my bag but I am going to immediately put my other set up for sale. Despite my dispersion being better on the launch monitor with them I have had a few weird distances on the course. That said there I have had a few with my driver and driving iron that have been abnormally long as well so I need a little more time to know for sure if it’s just me and what I am working on in my swing or the club. But outside of that I everything else about these I am really impressed with. They offer a great value I would agree with Takomo that these can fit for anyone from scratch to mid handicap. Unless you just can’t stand any offset at all as I think they do a great job of blending looks, workability and forgiveness.
    The Takomo 101t’s are a beautiful hollow body iron in the smaller size players distance category. They a great balance of looks, workability and forgiveness. Because of this they can work for golfers from scratch to mid handicap’s and offer great value. I have gained a few yards with the longer irons as they are a degree stronger but conspired to other current irons in this category they have more traditional lofts. On coarse they perform very good. You can work the ball in all directions if needed, provide great turf interactions and see minimal distance loss on mis-hits. I have had few shots jump on me but I am not sure if it’s the clubs or just me lately. Also I have not heard this same issue with the other testers and in launch monitor testing my dispersion across the board was tighter with these then my current forged irons. Being DTC you will be hard pressed to get fit directly for them but if you really want that I would suggest getting fit with TaylorMade P770’s. They have less shaft options then the bigger manufactures but what they do have are all premium shafts and they have enough that I think you will be able to find a good fit. If you are someone that wants reduced taper grips or custom about of tape raps they do not offer this so you will have to order them with grips not installed and do this after the fact. All that said I really love the performance and price Takomo is bringing with the 101t’s and anyone that is looking into irons should consider these as an option option as they provide great value.
    Final Score: (91 out of 100)

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