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  1. I'm 74 and still play Stiff shafts  and play to a 9-10 (though they're in the middle of the Stiff spectrum---e.g. Project X Stiffs tend to be a little too stiff). I think my driver swing speed is in the middle to high 90's. But I think the main thing is how you swing, and where do you tend to put the most energy. I've seen guys who swing "slowly" and very fluidly throughout the swing who seem to do well with the softer shafts, but if you're a little aggressive on the downswing (I am), you may still do well with a Stiff shaft. And then, of course, there's the kick point which can make a difference in how efficiently you apply energy to the clubhead...Agree with the guys who say, see a fitter.

  2. I'm 73 yrs old, play 2-3 times a week, high single-digit handicap, occasional Rules Official and student of the game. I used to walk all the time, but have been dealing with a loss of cartilage in my right big toe, which has stuck me in a cart most of the time. Trying to get back to walking the course, which helps with the rhythm of the game. An electric cart might be the answer!


    Boulder, CO

    Usually ride in a cart these days.

    When I walk, I push a Sun Mountain V1.

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