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  2. Solomon / Denver, CO 98 - 103 mph Bridgestone Tour BX, Mizuno RB Tour, Pro V1x, Srixon Z Star, Snell MTB-X Preference: Tour X After digesting the MGS Golf Ball Buyer’s Guide, I started testing a range of the better-performing balls. My goal is to find a ball that I feel confident enough in to play exclusively but I want to do my own due diligence before making this choice. As far as golf balls are concerned, consistency is king. I love distance as much as anyone but I prioritize balls that can help me more consistently hit my standard shot (a medium-height, baby draw) and keep my backspin down on driver shots (gaming a Mizuno ST190 G to help with this as well). The CG balancing tech in these Maxfli balls makes logical sense, akin to puring a driver shaft, for optimizing ball performance and I’d be honored to test either the Tour or Tour X. Thanks for your consideration!
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