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  1. The white series is mild and smooth, no big loss of flavor. I love it when I need an easy smoke or when I'm drinking something that doesn't match well with more flavorful or stronger cigars.
  2. Montecristo White series, such an easy smoke.
  3. Great episode; I always learn so much.
  4. I tried an insert putter for a few rounds this year and hated it. The feel was terrible - as in no feel. I guess inserts are not for me.
  5. I have the Project X HZRDUS smoke yellow and I love it. I've tried the black and I hated it. I don't know why it works for me, but its perfect. Its like night a day. I can barely get the black off the ground.
  6. 14 clubs: Switched driver to a TS4 (-1) Bag 0 Ball: Switched after the ball lab to Prov1X (-1) Distance device 0 Glove 0 Shoes 0 Wildcard 0 If we do this next year......I'll have the opposite haha!
  7. Montecristo 50 year anniversary, really smooth without loss of flavor.
  8. Hey I'm Anthony From NJ. Happy to be here! Playing golf for 18 years and hover around a 9. I love everything about golf I check out this site and listen to the podcasts often, so I joined. From Neptune NJ, home course is any of the county courses. We have good golf here but its seasonal. Firefighter I think we know why I picked this name...
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