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  1. ~14 live in NJ (nyc metro) currently in Kiawah titleist 695MBs; 155ish Their online “fitting tool” somehow nailed my specs on the head (-1/2”; 2* flat) where no other has come close (you’re standard off the rack, bro!). The clubs look like a bespoke suit should. After reading about Subs on reddit golf posts and listening to WRXs Knudson, I’m completely in on these clubs. Hoping to be able to demo them soon.
  2. Dave - North Jersey (NYC Metro; currently Johns Island, SC) Nope - haven't tried one yet Precision Pro and/or Grint App
  3. NJ (NYC Subburbs), unofficial due to COVID/11-15 range to start season Check Go spin (to balance) then a full line around ProV1 - "YNPA" (You'll Never Putt Alone) in red
  4. Dave - New Jersey 14.xx Titlelist 695MB 155-160
  5. - Dave -NJ -SC Newport Pro Platinum Mid-slant/O-Works Versa #7 Putter - Frontline 4.0
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