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    From the album: Sub70

  2. So what are you doing during this Time of quarantine? About 6 months ago I started refubishing clubs and giving them to children that wanted to play golf but for what ever reason did not have the means to. Mostly high-school children. I got these clubs from thrift stores mostly but as word got out people have been giving me golf equipment. I have found fir the most people like to help people. I live by a large army base and play on there golf course quite a lot. Ressently about 5 days ago they opened the course up so the soldiers that have been on a lock down can play 9 holes ,it is walking only they have keep distance and have thete own golf clubs. A young soldier stationed 1000 miles away from home doesn't usually have a set of clubs . So silver lining I have given out 9 sets so far and will be give golf clubs away until I have no more to give!
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    From the album: Sub70

  4. For most part my Mizuno TPM #4 putter keeps ending up in my bag. I have been playing Snake Eyes EV wedges, I am sure they are here to stay!
  5. I have bought them pre-assembled . A good friend that found the 60 and 62 at a thrift store. He knew I really liked snake eyes clubs so he gave them to me . After the first time I hit them I had to have a complete set of Mr. Vedersen's clubs. I just got the EV puttrr made by Smith and Wesson.
  6. It took some time but I finally put together my dream set. Snake Eyes MB1 irons Wedges 10,-50*,ev 11-56*,.ev. 12-60*,ev 12-62*ev. I heard they feel good but until you get a chance to try them you just don't know but OMG they are sweeeeet!!!
  7. I have been experimenting a little with wedge I have gotten from thrift stores. this is one really like.
  8. Hello I play the EV clubs and wedges. In most tournaments I play in and have not had any problems or complaints. I do check them before I start and if they don't except them I use Mizuno MP's.
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