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  1. When playing with long clubs, you need to remember to do a slow and even swing so that the club does all the work for you. This is necessary in order not to create an additional range of the ball, In this article - https://golfwithasmile.com/putters/top-rated-center-shafted-putters-review/ you can read about different clubs for different types of players, where they will explain in detail which club is best for you.
  2. I recently bought this analyzer - Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors. The advantage of this analyzer is that it fits most clubs, which is very good for me because I often test different clubs. Also pleased that his battery is designed for five years. I do not know how true this is, but the manufacturer claims that it is real. I decided to buy such an analyzer because most of the reviews about it are mostly positive, and the price pleased me.
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