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  1. Sean, Dickinson, ND, USA. My current putter in use is the CLEVELAND HUNTINGTON BEACH #1 PUTTER. I am interested in Ketsch model as it appeals to my eye very well. I also gave these a test at my local course and they seemed to roll very nice off the face.
  2. Sean/Mandan, North Dakota I practice putting at least 5 days a week from 45-90 minutes a session. I average no more than 1 three putt a round. The ability to have real time feedback on how I rolled the ball or how my stroke was excites me. I use to sideswipe at the ball a lot during my putting stroke, (and still do sometimes) which caused inaccurate rolls and made the ball wobble, so I would love to see how my stroke and ball roll look and how I can potentially fix either if I have issues. Also the ability to practice indoors in a very cold place such as North Dakota could really help amateurs or striving pros to keep there putting stroke in check in the offseason for an affordable price.
  3. Sean ND Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11 Frontline Elvado Slant Neck
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