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  1. Ross Abington, MA Taylormade M6 9 Degree 14.9 114 mph TSI 2 9 Degree
  2. Ross Reale - Abington, MA I have used the 18 Birdies App on my phone Currently I use a Bushnell V4 Rangefinder for my yardage
  3. Abington, MA 15.1 hcp Have a clamp from amazon that goes onto the ball so I can use a sharpie to draw a line Titleist Pro V1X - Blue Line "Ross"
  4. Ross Abington, MA 12.3 Mizuno JPX 919 Forged I would like to try the t-100. I think this would be a better option because I usually hit my 7 iron about 195, so I think the loft angles are better for me with the t-100.
  5. Ross Reale Quincy, MA Seemore FGP Blade Black (left handed) Ideally id want the 4.0 but I’m willing to try the Elvado (since I am a lefty) thank you!
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