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  1. generally, i use a phone app, but my son uses the bushnell v4 in events and loves it. his is certainly more accurate than my phone app, would just be curious to see a comparison between a gps device and laser device.
  2. also, second question. my son who is 15 has been taking lessons for 5 years now and making good progress has a huge issue with keeping the left arm straight and making a full rotation on the backswing. What is your opinion on keeping the left arm straight all the way through impact? the reason i ask is it seems full of tension and i also see a lot of players, pro and am, that bend their left elbow on the way back to varying degrees with success. Just wanted to see some thought on this. thanks,
  3. is there anyway to measure if i am taking the club back too far on the inside in the first say two foot of the swing, right before handshake? When is it too much? I fight hitting it off the toe all the time because i am coming over the top slightly resulting in a weak cut that is always 10yds+ short of the target. If i come really inside on the backswing, i can nail the ball straight (maybe 4 yd draw) with all my power. the problem is that i feel like when i do this, i am really exagerating the move inside. guess what i am getting at is what should be the feeling of a proper takeaway as far as where my hands and club head are at. I have read all over the place and just can't seem to get the answer that makes some sense in my mind. Just trying to work on something real versus how i feel it. also, for some reason, i feel like i am adding loft to everything i hit and resulting in shortened distances especially with full wedge shots. Is there some feeling or good drill to make me present the correct loft at impact? Yes, i know, different topic, but while i am at it..... thanks,
  4. i have the CBX1s and they are wonderful. out of the sand, this club has made a huge difference in my short game. I would like to hit the 2s to see how much difference there really is....i am guessing more weight moving around is the biggest thing....mine do however seem to fly A LOT higher on full shots, which is a plus to get the ball stopped....can't wait to try.
  5. i hit these in the store when i was looking for some replacements to my Callaway XRs. They hit nice, but they seemed huge in comparison to the XRs. I just couldn't get past how large they looked. in the end, i have held off for now. the 410s went like rockets, but my small brain couldn't get comfortable with the size....nice clubs though. great review BTW.
  6. I am up for testing if choosen. I go through multiple putters in detail for my quest for the putter that works for me. Im an engineer by trade so my detail level is pretty high. Play every weekend with son who plays nearly every day, so competition is a motivating factor here. Jeff Alabama Taylormade Spider Tour Chrome Putter Frontline 4.0 Putter (RH) or Elevado Slant Neck (RH)
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