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  1. Stephen Ramstein AB, Germany (military stationed overseas) Titleist TS2 12 110 mph TSi3
  2. Stephen/Korea Just started playing Ping Eye 2 150
  3. Stephen Elledge Osan AB, KR I currently don't use anything to get my yardages I just guess at what club feels right. I'm not sure if military stationed overseas can apply for these though.
  4. Hey, my name is Stephen. I'm currently in the military stationed overseas in Korea. My love for golf started around 1 1/2 years ago while I was stationed in Augusta. I had the great fortune of being able to go see the Master's. Originally I wasn't really a golf fan but my dad was and I wanted to go and get him some souvenirs. The story is actually pretty funny because the base has 4 day passes and they raffle off individual days that you can pay to use these passes. I was chosen as the 23rd alternate for Friday's day of play. This meant that someone had to not pick up their ticket and 22 other people had to not answer their phones for me to go. The day of I went and waited in the parking lot just in case I got the call. Those who won had until 0930 to pick up their tickets. I waited until 1000, kinda setting myself up for a big disappoinment, and I figured that if they were going to call they would've by that point. So I start my car and as the engine turns and starts my phone started to ring. It was the call telling me that I got a ticket waiting and seeing how long it would take me to go in. When I told them I was in the parking lot already they were kinda surprised but I was ready to go. When I first got there I bought all of my souvenirs for my Father and myself. Then I went and walked the course. I ended up following Phil and Rickie for a few holes and saw some amazing chipping on Rickie's part. After that I went and explored the grounds. I saw the beauty that is Amen Corner, the beautiful azaleas, and I walked up 18 to the clubhouse. If you ever go you need to go to the Founders Circle to get your picture taken, your own cameras aren't allowed. As the day progressed I saw some of the greats play Rory, Jordan, and so many more. The more I watched the more I got drawn into the beauty of this game. Then at the end of the day Tiger's group started. While he wasn't quite back to form yet watching him play was a experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Since then I went and bought a cheap set of clubs to start learning how to play. Currently I'm just trying to save up to be able to get a club fitting and some clubs that are suited to me. Golf is a frustratingly enjoyable sport. Always offering a new challenge.
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