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  1. Making another trip to Branson for golf. Played Branson hills and really liked it. How does Ledgestone or any other non big cedar courses compare with BH?
  2. Just received reply………. taking 55+ days to process trades…WOW
  3. I purchased a Epic driver from C Preowned and traded in 2 X hot drivers which they encouraged me to do. This has been over a month ago and I have not received my credit are heard from them????
  4. Scheduling a trip for 23 playing sand hollow and wolf creek has anyone played Cascata golf club? I need to schedule 2 more rounds any other recommendations? Thanks
  5. As recommended I went for a professional fitting 7 weeks ago and after trying 5 different irons the pro and I decided on Titleist T 200s G thru 7 and the T300 5&6 with a graphite shafts. These are not cheap clubs!!! Titleist's launch for these irons was set for Sept. 1 my clubs were suppose to shipped Aug 30. The 5&6 T 300s came in before Aug 30. As of Oct 1 I have yet to receive the rest of my set T200s. I have been given numerous excuses from Acushnet com the most common one being the shafts are back-ordered. Worst launch ever!!!
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