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  1. I’ve been teaching my two young girls. 7 & 8 for the past two years. Started out slow. Going to driving ranges, top golf, and have played at an Executive 9 hole about half a dozen times in the last year. I’ve found it’s a better experience for all if I take them one at a time. 
    ordered a Spornia net and mat to practice in the shade of our garage as we live in the supreme heat of the desert. I also have a Wellputt 13’ mat to help keep the flat stick stroke tuned. I’m hoping that as theY become Better ball strikers they will enjoy hitting the course more than they do now.  Occasionally they get distracted by the ducks, or rabbits, or bugs.  It’s cute.  But I’m hoping some of you might be able to give some tips to keep them more focused. I don’t want to push them but I want to nudge ‘em.  I hope they fal in love and get addicted to hitting and practicing and playing but if they don’t it will just be a game mainly for me and occasionally the wife as well. 



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