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  1. This course has become one of my favorite courses!!Tour/Review of Verrado Golf course in Buckeye, AZ with Brown Bear Golf. This course is much like Troon North but less expensive!  It climbs into surrounding mountians. It has forced carries over desert rock, gigantic views of untouched desert mountains!  Multiple holes could be signsture holes. Elevated tees to well kept greens! Rolling fsirways that can enhance your drive all while fairly challenging your game while taking you to another place and making you forget your worries. Coyotes hang out and relax on the 18th hole. Find out why this has become one of Brown Bear’s all time favorites!


    Detailed review of the $120 laser rangefinder by Mileseey from Miguel at Brown Bear Golf.  Can a laser rangefinder at this pricepoint compete with namebrand competitors that cost four times as much?  Miguel took the Milessy rangefinder to five different courses and tested its accuracy against GPS as well as a Bushnell $400 rangefinder. This video explains the features of the device and confidently makes a conclusion of it it is the right device for golfer across the globe. Feel free to leave questions or thoughts in the comments section.  Please like and subscribe and follow on instagram at brownbeargolf.

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      Thanks for watching. Honestly I don’t see why someone would spend more.  Good luck with your search and hopefully eventual use once you choose!

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