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  1. On 2/2/2021 at 4:16 PM, cnosil said:

    Think I have seen why the ten is going away.    Odyssey has redesigned the alignment on the ten to be like a 2 ball putter.   Saw pictures a few days ago and saw one in person today.  I personally prefer the prior ten model.   

    Yes, I saw that also.  Well I ended up buying the BlackJack. I've only played with it for 27 holes but I really like the head, the heavy head, the sound and feel. I don't like, at all, the stock shaft. So I'm getting a BGT Stability Tour shaft put in. Hoping that will be the right shaft. The stock shaft is just not robust enough for the 380 gram head. It feels whippy.  Yeah, in a putter. During a lag putt it feels like the head is left behind.  Weird. And maybe it is not at all whippy. It just feels that way to me. My fitter said he has not heard that once. But the shape and muted matte finsih I love and it just feels good. So, I went with what felt right all along. 

    I didn't get the Spider X because I saw so many postings about the paint chipping off. 

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  2. On 10/25/2020 at 3:32 PM, PeterHenric said:

    I ordered a blackjack with the Plumbers neck and took delivery of it on Thursday. Got to take it for a spin yesterday and it performed well. I was previously hitting a blade style putter so the weight will take some getting used to. I’m happy with it so far.

    Have you had any concerns with the weight being too much for the stock shaft?  I've been considering upgrading to a BGT or KBS shaft.  The shaft seems to flex slightly on longer lag putts. Don't think it should do that.  

  3. On 2/8/2021 at 6:26 AM, ForeGlass said:

    @BrownBearGolf Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am curious about PXG's offerings, but there isn't a fitting center near me. So deciding whether or not to try them is a little complicated.


    That't too bad about there not being any fitting locations.  Sometimes they go to courses to do off site fittings.  Take a look at that.  It's hard to order something sight unseen. I totally get that. 

  4. 15 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:

    While we're on the subject of walking, which I do a lot and even more so during the pandemic, I want to remind folks to consider taking a re-seed bottle along with you if the course offers them.  Most do on electric carts these days and I try to use them regularly.  Speaking with a course manager this summer about fairway divot repair, he told me that getting sand/soil/seed back quickly does help quite a bit.

    About a month or so ago, I began opting to walk Mesa Del Sol even though the price includes a cart (I just prefer walking).  Those carts do have seed bottles.  Having just removed a healthy patch of turf (not my norm), I realized... no bottle.  Now I grab one and take it with me.  

    Good idea. 

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  5. 19 hours ago, jlukes said:

    The paint is definitely prone to chipping. I baby my putters and I had issues with mine in the short time I owned one

    Is there a way to put a clear protective layer over it to keep it from chipping? I see a lot on eBay have chips on the white alignment area at the face as well as on the tail edge in the blue. I really want one but the price is steep for something that might have the primary feature I like, alignment stripe, getting ugly 

  6. On 1/5/2021 at 5:35 PM, Weekend_Warrior said:

    I walk, with a push cart, for two reasons. 1st, it's cheaper; I'd have to play less golf each year if I rode a cart every time. 2nd, the exercise is a nice bonus. 

    For every three to four rounds I walk I get another round in with the money I saved.  Especially during the winter early spring here in Phoenix/Scottsdale I can only afford to walk the muni courses.  

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  7. Carts are also good in the 105+ degree heat.  They keep a breeze when you drive and if you soak your sleeves and neck periodically that breeze helps. The cart also provides shade and keeps a true cooler with ice and the gallon of water I need and my Gatorade cold and my wet towels cold. I walk in the winter season here in Phoenix.   However some of the courses in the outlying suburbs have literally half a mile to 3/4 miles between the hole.  So if it is that type of course or higher than 100 degrees I ride. But prefer to walk when I can and when it’s not dangerous to do so. 

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  8. On 12/19/2020 at 6:37 PM, cnosil said:

    The simple answer is probably that they didn't  sell very well?


    Yeah, I get that. I also thought things were on a two year cycle so to cut it off after just one year doesn't make sense to me. Also, they have so many models that I never actually see on the course that I would have thought you cut a model out that's been around before one that has only been out a year.  Oh well.  Just surprised is all. 

  9. Hey thanks guys!  I stated in the video I am going TM Spider X.   However, it’s going to come in at $380.  My teacher salary barely covers that😜.  Some of the Stroke Lab Black putters are on sale for $200.  Hoping for a Christmas miracle I wished the Black Ten could be found with the ability to have it custom ordered with my specs and that it too would be price dropped like some other Black 10.  I like the look of the Spider X more.  But it didn’t score as well and is more costly. So was looking for alternatives.  I know I’ll feel more confident with the view of the Spider X more at address and alignment is one of my issues.  I just need to pay what I need to pay. Thanks for helping out with this info!

  10. Has anyone heard about the model #10 from stroke love being discontinued?  They stopped taking custom orders of it. Their website only has left handed and 33”.  Seems weird to me to discontinue a model only one year later.  But why stop taking orders unless they stopped making them. 

    any ideas?  Thanks. 

  11. PGA Tour Superstore Putter Fitting with Miguel for Brown Bear Golf. This video leads to a big gamble, as Miguel will order a putter spending the most money he's spent on any club ever! This video explores data, the Science, and the Physics of putting. Data is acquired using the Science and Motion or S.A.M. putt lab. So why another putter fitting after conducting one at PXG headquarters? Unlike PXG I get to try multiple brands and styles of putter. We try Ping, Odyssey, and Taylormade. You might be surprised what I pick based on all the data I got.

  12. On 10/23/2020 at 2:52 PM, Crowev01 said:

    I'm not against it, but I wouldn't wear one. I already have 671 swing thoughts and feeling a hood shifting position doesn't need to be 672. 

    I support 7-11 dress code: no shirt, no shoes, no service. 

    I agree with you.  I have a rain/wind jacket with a hood and luckily it has three different draw strings to tighten and mitigate its movement. The overwhelming majority of the discussion is focused on a more inclusive culture and industry overall for the benefit of the longevity and growth of the game.  Thanks for the engagement. 

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  13. Hoodies in Golf! When will golf shed the stereotype of its people being judgemental and antiquated? Miguel from Brown Bear Golf leads a discussion on  style, inclusion, and starting a business in the golf industry. Guests are DeBrandon, CEO/owner of Yooto'pea Golf as well as David, CEO/owner of Steeze Golf.   This is an amazing discussion about how a prosperous future of the game and industry is not necessarily an absolute given.  If the powers that be don't open their minds then the players that might be might not open their wallets. The industry needs to know that golfers of color and all socio-economic classes are a market to be not only considered but perhaps catered to.  Evolution happens.




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  14. 5 hours ago, BNewton51 said:

    Hey no problem man!  To your point though, I would agree that they surprisingly do look a little bigger than your typical players irons.  I have the 919's but tried all the aforementioned and of them all I felt the look and feel of the 919's were far cleaner and fit my eye better.  Funny cause the club fitter said, "you know these are an older model and the 921's are newer, right?"  He was so used to people buying the latest and greatest he initially thought I was gonna go that route.  But all said, if I can get something that was new (even if older model) and fit my eye and performance best that's what I went with. 

    But I think your comments were fairly accurate.  Especially about the T100.  They did feel harsh when you hit them. I get the same type of feel out of the Vokey wedges, but most people tell me I'm crazy.  

    Great point about what most people getting latest and greatest. I considered the 919 F. But they are sold out 

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  15. 4 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    The only PING iron that is coming out in early 2021 is the G425.  Any updates or replacements of the others, most likely won't occur until summer or fall. 

    This is why I ask here!  You all are so good and sharing the 411!  Thanks. 

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  16. 1 minute ago, BNewton51 said:

    For my money, as a new Mizuno convert, I'd tell you to go JPX821 or HMB.  However, I did hear with the release of the new driver that they will be releasing some new irons.  Not sure if they will be of the players form though.  More game improvement is probably the direction they will go.  

    Having hit the others you mentioned, the T100 and P770 are both quality offerings.  I didn't like them as much as my Mizunos, but they are solid offerings. 

    Good luck in whatever you choose to get.  Nothing better than a fresh set of sticks!

    Thanks for posting. I have JPX 850 Forged and love them. Looking for a little more height. The 921 forged looks and feels bigger and more chunky.  The P770 I’ve hit and like and love it’s look. The T100s felt a little hard and sharp to me. I’ve hit the JPX 921 and the HMB and they just look big and feel big on the sole. Thanks for your input. 

    Just now, BrownBearGolf said:

    Thanks for posting. I have JPX 850 Forged and love them. Looking for a little more height. The 921 forged looks and feels bigger and more chunky.  The P770 I’ve hit and like and love it’s look. The T100s felt a little hard and sharp to me. I’ve hit the JPX 921 and the HMB and they just look big and feel big on the sole. Thanks for your input. 




  17. Has anyone heard anything about new Ping i500 irons?  They've been out for two years and jsut want to see if they are close to releasing some new irons.  I'm in the market.  So many choices out there. JPX 921 Forged, T100, P770, D7 Forged, etc.

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  18. 13 hours ago, cnosil said:



    To build you brand you will have to post to multiple forums across the golfing community.  Not everyone reads MGS.   To be honest, I watched your review because it was about putters and Quintic;  I really don't know what your brand is.   What are you trying to provide?  As I mentioned in my post,  I really wanted more details on Quintic and what it showed you about putting stats.   Honestly your response was puzzling since you want to change the skid of your putts even though it is perfectly acceptable and to actually change that value,  you would need to change something about your putting stroke that may make another parameter worse.   This makes me wonder if you can really provide me with information that I would be interested in hearing.  Sorry,  not trying to be negative,  just giving you my thoughts. 


    You can post in whatever topic area you want.  The mods consolidated your multiple threads into a single thread.   The issue is that you will have people responding in all of the threads and good information will be not seen by everyone.  

    Hi there, 

    I don't have a brand.  A previous commenter mentioned there are better ways to build a brand and I was curious what those were.  I'm passionate about golf and love new technology.  I do like people watching my videos and leaving comments that I find interesting and helpful to me in my search for perspectives outside my own.  Combine those previous mentioned things and I've become a huge MGS fan.  I love it here.   


    I'm sorry if I misrepresented what the video is about in either the title or the description. My video is not about quintic.  The video I made is of my experience going through a putter fitting as I'm in search of a new putter.  My video does mention quintic as one of the ways the fitter evaluated my putter swing.  As mentioned in my previous response to you he only took two readings of my swing with the Quintic.  One reading was with my current gamer and one with the Blackjack.  Therefore despite me wanting to delve deeper into Quintic I just don't have the data or experience to do so.  You are probably right in your skepticism that I can not "provide me with information that I would be interested in hearing."  I understand you are not tying to be negative and truly appreciate you taking your time to give me feedback.  I really wish I could do a video where I had many swings and data points on the Quintic. 

    As for what is puzzling you about my desire to reduce my skid I too am confused.  An acceptable range for a putt to start rolling according to the chart by Quintic that my fitter stated is between 7 and 15 inches of skid before proper rolling.  My current 12 inches is at the higher end of that range.  I would like it to be at the lowest end of that range due to the fact that it is my understanding that the faster the ball starts to roll then the better the putt's probability of being accurate on the line chosen to the hole. Since it's quantifiable I simply and perhaps ignorantly wanted the ball to start rolling 5 inches sooner than what it currently does.   

    I'm not looking to change my putting stroke. I am seeking technology that will help reduce that skid distance.  The PXG claim is that with the variable thickness pyramid face milling and positioning of weight that the ball will roll sooner.  Sooner than what though?  That's why I compared it to my putter. It does not roll sooner than my putter.  That's why I'm confused about buying it.  

    Face inserts by Odyssey and its Microhinges claim to get the ball rolling faster  as does Taylormade's face insert with its 45* angled grooves.  So, if there are claims the ball can roll faster then I want that.  If my roll is quantifiable and is in the higher range then I want the claims to be true and the skid to be less.

    In the end I'm skeptical of the claims however that doesn't mean I'll never buy a new putter if the roll isn't reduced. I found the smaller look and overall design of the Blackjack immensely easier to look at than my current gamer.  I find the white alignment on the Spider X to be helpful and I find the face insert of the Stroke Lab #10 to feel wonderful.  Can there be a customize-able putter where I can put all three of these in one putter?

    Again, thank you for your time and I do appreciate your thoughts.  I'm sorry I can't help more with Quintic but my motive when setting up the fitting and filming was not to focus on Quinitc.  However, you've inspired me to do some research on it.  I may consider going to PGA Tour Superstore.  They have the SAM putter lab.  Maybe I'll focus on that one.

    Take care  

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