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  1. I have been using Arccos Caddie for two years now. Here are two videos I made. Part two discusses the data analysis aspect of the shot tracking.
  2. Have you tried it while playing yet? Curious if the total yardages matched what you were doing in course.
  3. Saving Par 233 yard par 3. Talking Stick Golf Course : O’ odham Course 
    formerly North Course   More to come Thanks!

    ar 233

  4. My Dad is left handed and does everything left handed except swing irons and driver. He swings right handed. He putts left handed. People bring it up when we get paired up with strangers all the time.
  5. Thank you! Thorough and simple to understand. Great explanation.
  6. I’ve started letting them have fun around the house with the clubs and foam balls. No real balls in our backyard. Oh boy. Then at least they are swinging The clubs and having fun. And learning what they can and can’t do with a club and ball. They like and got to meet trick shot artist Tania Tarre and are trying “tricks”
  7. I had that same pec pain once as well and I feel it came from playing everyday and practicing also. I would come in so steep that I was pounding that left pec and I didn’t recover for months. Hope you get it straightened out.
  8. Any of you have one of your worst swings documented on video? Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes, I think.
  9. Hey everyone, I’ve had my JPX-850 Forged 4-GW for four years now. I play about once a week for the past two years and practice a few times a month. Should I be concerned about grooves being worn down? I also found out that I should be hitting a shaft much heavier and more stiff. I currently have KBS C-Taper Stiff 90. But recently went to a fitting where I was told I needed KBS Tour 120. So new clubs? Or just reshafting? Also are the JPX 919 forged really that different? I know they have a thinner face but the geometry and milled undercut look very similar.
  10. If yellow is good enough for bubba Watson’s ball I’ll take yellow to match the driver
  11. I was expecting this, this morning. but all I got was this...
  12. Both my daughters like the game. One is significantly more competitive than the other. The younger one likes the ducks. Gotta go to a course without a pond . She is always looking for rabbits, turtles, ducks, bugs. I try and keep it fun for her. I have to take them one at a time or we all get too distracted.
  13. If I get selected, I promise to still be a gentleman. It is a gentlemen’s game after all. I may be a low life gentleman but a gentleman nonetheless. Good day to you sir. I say good day!
  14. I’m so excited about the possibility of being selected for #Cobra connect challenge that I went to an iron fitting and messed it all up because all I could do was fantasize about a new bag with a whole set of new clubs in my bed under the sheets with me. 


  15. I’m so excited about the possibility of getting selected for #cobraconnect challenge that I messed up at my fitting imagining the new clubs in the new bag which will all be in my bed under the sheets with me if I’m so lucky.
  16. If they turn us down? Was the experience that traumatic?
  17. Made a review video about Arccos Caddie System and a how to use in course guide. Part two video coming soon will discuss how to review the data and my final thoughts on the system. 


  18. Ok, I got some great feedback on my previous video and have made it more focused and informative on the Arccos Caddie system. It even has a cameo of my wife and daughter. Please take a look. I’ll be making part 2 discussing how to look at the data after you’ve completed your 5 rounds or 90 holes.
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