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  1. Hey MGS! First name: Shaun City & State: Seattle, WA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds. Yes! 99% I was treated to a free gas powered cart last weekend and hated walking back to it after every shot. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one? I’ve used the GC rental ones twice, but they were ancient clicgear or bagboys It’d be interesting to see how those smaller front wheels on the MOTOCADDY M7 react to the soggy soil areas here in the PNW. The M5 wheels look wide enough to handle the muck though. I play every weekend
  2. Shaun Callahan Seattle, WA Ping G400 10.5 stock 70 stiff shaft. 22 97 to 103mph TSi2 would be great to compare to the fixed weight on my G400, but would also like the idea testing the movable weights on the TSi3 Thanks! SWC
  3. Shaun - Seattle, WA I have a Puttout mat and Pressure Putt Trainer that I use daily for at least 15 minutes between and during shows and conference calls My first putting mat was the PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat - 4 Speed Golf Green simulator. I enjoyed the variable speed options but the length, constant need to brush the grass smooth and look was a bit intense after awhile. My current Puttout mat is great but I used it so much during quarantine/lockdown that I wore a groove into the center line. Exhibit A: This is me. I mostly play municipal courses bu
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