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  1. Patrick Rowland Greenwood, IN Odyssey Rossie 2 (original) No. 1
  2. I am a 7 handicap/ Greenwood, Indiana I play ping i10s yellow dot 1/2 inch long stiff steel shafts they have been good clubs but I'm ready for an upgrade. My current 8 iron distance is 175 I recently purchased a 3 hybrid from Sub 70 and love it. I was in need of something to hit further than my hybrid which had been going about the same distance as my 4 crossover, from ping, but not as consistent and this did just the trick. I love their direct to consumer model and the fact that you can customize your order on their website. Cost is always a factor for me but I also need customized clubs so Sub 70 hits that sweet spot of affordable yet with customization. I also loved the personal touches of a note and some swag with the purchase of my hybrid.
  3. Patrick Greenwood, IN I putt for 2-4 times a week for about an hour or so. This is during the golf season. I three putt just over once a round. I love the idea that you can practice longer putts in a confined space. I have a birdie ball green and I like it but I have move things around to set it up and even then I am still limited to shorter putts.
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