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  1. I was always a good chipper but James Sieckmann's short game book really helped me get to a level of confidence I really enjoy now. People I play with now comment on how I make it look so easy. So that is cool too. Of course I flub up sometimes, that is just golf, but I know it is my skill and not my technique. There is no magic in the book, but rather a feel descriptions that resonated with me and may resonate with you. I will also plug his putting book, which is really really good. It is much more focused on measuring your putting and improving your weak areas and not just practice your strengths. My testing showed me that I was good at everything except putts that broke right - through the measurement techniques he walks you through it became clear that I was pushing my putter head to the hole... Not to hijack your thread. I do recommend the James Sieckmann short game book to many people I golf with, especially the young ones. His book intro, how he had his short game all wrong when he was a touring pro and then he caddied for his older brother, who played with Seve were very valuable. If you keep practicing poor technique, you may not get as good as you would hope.
  2. Right now it is not really easy to purchase a mini-driver. Wishon has one and the Callaway Mini-Drivers on eBay go for a pretty penny. Having something with modern face tech and weight ports would be welcome by a lot of fitters and golfers. JD
  3. All great advice but fitting a golf ball to give you the lowest score possible is not a simple problem, thus you can't apply best practice solutions. It is a complicated problem - this means that all the rules are known, but as the forum responses state, it is not simple - Here is an example and my recommendation: If you put a lower spin ball in play you may lose too much spin on your driver and while the ball will go straight, it will fall out of the sky too soon and not go far - this will result in you either swinging up more on the ball, or swinging harder, resulting in the ball going more off line. This may not happen if your driver has significant loft. My recommendation - just try a bunch of balls and see which ones give you the desired results. Low spin is really only known on chips and pitches - after that you will notice that different people see different results. For example, if you compress a 2 piece soft ball a lot, it will spin a lot - Yet one more variable to consider - very likely the Q-Star tour is a nice compromise of not too much spin because of its softness for 90-100 mph driver swingers. If you swing at 115 mph, that ball will be unpredictable, as it becomes over compressed. I say all this because I was in your boat, trying to find that perfect blend of speed and spin to maximize distance, and limit the big miss. My youtube research lead me to the facts above. I tried about 6 different 2 piece balls and ended up staying with my Snell MTB Black - it did everything well and I have to just man up and get better to not hit it off the planet one or two holes a round. Here is the video that helped me the most: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3qqf5uhDXU - Mark Crossfield fully tests 5 Srixon balls - Z-Star, Z-Star XV, Q-Star Tour, Q-Star, and the Soft Feel - I was blown away when the SoftFeels had huge spin when Mark hit them with a 7i - All the balls had similar spin on the driver!
  4. Jeff Maryland Custom blade putter from Dancing Bear Putters Cero Slant
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