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  1. Jake Los Angeles, California 8 handicap, getting to 7 real soon Nike Vapor Pros It’d be an honor to test the T100-S I also now have access to an indoor simulator for accurate numbers at any given time
  2. Jake / California 7 handicap 19 degrees (3) / 22 degrees (4)
  3. Jake / California 7 handicap Nike Vapor Pro 150ish
  4. Jake Los Angeles, California Currently I get my yardages from my friends GolfLogix app when we play. When we don’t play it’s a fun game of guessing! Technology in golf is evolving our play in every way and helping us improve the game individually. Being able to track distances and speeds helps us improve muscle memory and smooth repetition. With the SkyCaddie SX400 GPS will help me read and learn every course and with such, I can improve my game to be a better golfer. Testing the SkyCaddie would be an honor!
  5. Jake California Newport Select 2 Left handed so Elvado single bend
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