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    Hey! Love what MGS does for Golf! Been following them on IG for almost a year now and enjoy their content. 
    I have been playing golf since I was about 8 years old. On and off since then and played in HS and took a break from it while playing baseball in College. Now I play as much as possible for the last 5-6 years. My handicap is a 7.1 and I usually score 76-88 depending on the day (WIND)
    I love the competitiveness of golf. Not being able to master any part of the game is very intriguing as well, one day you can have the mindset "I figured out my driver!!" and the next day you cannot hit it at all.
    I started following MGS on IG and liked their insight on not just the equipment but also their followers. They break things down in a technical viewpoint for someone who does not know everything there is about equipment.
    I am from a small town in NW Oklahoma but recently moved to Wichita. I would say my home course now is Auburn HIlls Golf Course.
    Best would be the amount of days you can play throughout the year. The worst has to be the WIND~
    I manage a small Crude Oil Transportation Company out of Oklahoma/Texas.
    It has been my username since college.
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