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  1. I wondering if its the " PRO V 1 LEFT DOT " which I seen but not played.
  2. Hi . 68/ 8 hdcp / played 55 years. Recently played several light weights. 850, 950 gh , Kbs tour 90, Shimada tour lite, and would love to try the Zelos 8 in reg in my Mizuno 919 hm pro. Thanks for your consideration
  3. XXIO MATES ALL 3 components together for a specific club. Drivers have a different weight grip than the 3 wood.I had to order a specific grip for mine to keep the specs the same.I tried a GD di in my 3 wood and it was okay but definitely a backward move in performance.They boast very light components engineered together for performance.VG if your ss is less than 90 mph.
  4. Had a set of z101"s ; should have never sold them since then : mp 14/ tn 93, kasco103, tmr11, mizuno850, epon 503,ping i200, Honma 737p , pxg 0311p , pxg 0311xf, now t 200. club ho ! as they say !
  5. Hi Bruce from SW Florida - index 7.1 / played 53 years / using bb1 / was a rep for Samputt ,Bobby grace, Kevin Burns, Never Compromise, Bettinardi ,Sizemore Would like to try Elevado 34 " Thanks for the chance !!
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