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  1. My wife and I often travel in our RV and I carry a half set of my gamers in a light bag. I find I enjoy these rounds more than most others.
  2. I wear progressive transitions and have always just played in my regular glasses. This year I sprang for a pair of progressive golf glasses from REKS. One of the guys I play with has them and likes them so I gave them a try. So far I'm really happy with them. I think they help me on the greens and I can definitely see the ball better in the air and on the ground in the distance.
  3. I have this same setup, Mizuno BRD4 that I usually use on a ClicGear 3.5+, and have been very pleased with it. I’ve also recently had a Sun Mountain C130 and a TaylorMade cart bag (can’t remember the model) but like a stand bag for range sessions. The Sun Mountain stand bags aren’t ideal for use on a push cart IMO because of the stand mechanism “foot” that gets in the way of the base sitting properly.
  4. One of the guys I play with has this bag and really likes it. It was especially useful yesterday when we had one of those south Texas downpours.
  5. I switched from 2016 JPX EZ Forged to JPX921 Hot Metals this spring and I love them. They are easy to hit, forgiving and long. I have the combo set with 4 and 5 Fli-Hi Hybrids and 6i - GW all with Recoil shafts. As reference I'm 72 and currently a 15 handicap.
  6. I have an iPhone 7 and run Arccos Caddie and the Grint at the same time without issues. I try to start the round as fully charged as I can but am usually at 40 - 50% charge at the end of the round. I haven't tried to use it for 36 holes without charging yet. I rarely open Arccos while I'm playing and only use the Grint for scorekeeping and stats so I'm not constantly opening and/or running the maps. For quick yardage checks I have a Garmin s10 GPS watch. I haven't had any issues with carrying my phone in my front pocket and I don't think it's missed a shot in the 7 rounds that I've used it. That said, I ordered a Link when they came out and received it this week. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but have a question if some of you have...I read that to set the pin position you just have to stand next to the pin and press the W button. Do you have to do that before your first putt or just before you leave the green? I determined not to let my tech stuff slow down my play so I'm hoping I don't have to walk to the pin before I hit my first putt.
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