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  1. I will usually play a ball till either I lose it, it gets badly scuffed or worn out to the point it looks dirty and less bright than a new ball. It's not like we are getting these balls for free like the pros soI'm more apt to play them till they are lost.
  2. I would go the EZ-GO electric route myself. We are looking to move to a golf course community as well and would definitely look at EZ-GO electric first. I will walk mostly but will still get a cart for those hotter days that make walking rough.
  3. I use my driving iron off the tee only currently on 400 yard or less par 4 that may also have a narrow landing area. The trajectory of my driving iron is like a stinger and gets plenty of roll. I'm still working on hitting it off the fairway or under trees to get out of trouble. I do like using it now that I have one.
  4. If someone has a driver less than 5 years old I doubt you would see a difference in how you hit the ball. Will be interesting to hit this driver as a demo to see how it stacks up against my current TS2 driver. I have noticed a few recent winners on tour have the new Titleist driver. Will definitely demo the club soon when it comes out in the fall to the public.
  5. I do not play with a 6 degree gap between wedges. Pitching wedge to 48 degree wedge is a 5 degree gap but then go 52 degree to 56 degree. Six degrees is a lot to me between wedges.
  6. Anything from a 100 yards in takes practice as it requires finesse and touch to hit good pitch and chip shots. For me I use my 56 degree wedge from 110 yards and in. But I also practice a lot with my wedges to develop that touch. I would say start with a pitching wedge and move down from there and find which wedge you can rely on for the majority of your chips. But it will require some work at the range in order to do that.
  7. I played Kelly Plantation for the first time on Monday May 9th, 2022 after going to Destin area the last 16 years. I would not pay more that $100 to play there and that is why we played mis afternoon when the rates were cheaper. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The course was in good condition, but you could tell they had recently sodded the tees. Enjoyed the round playing with my sons and brother in law. Glad I finally played Kelly Plantation , but might pick Regatta Bay over Kelly next time.
  8. Obviously the person or persons that came up with this marketing commercial don't play golf or know anything about golf. Not buying.
  9. I replaced my Vokey wedges last season and replaced them with Sub70 wedges. Worth taking a look at them if you aren't brand specific. I really like my Sub70 wedges as they provide the spin I need and they were cheaper than the Vokey.
  10. Most of Indiana never changed time till about 15 years ago. Permanent daylight savings is a better alternative so as not to change our time twice a year. More time in the evenings for families to spend time together outside as well more evening golf to.
  11. I use a soft bristle brush and a wet towel to clean my club heads and grooves after every shot. That way there is less clean up later and your grooves are always clean.
  12. I started receiving the same emails about 2 years ago from Patriot Golf. Finally decided to take advantage of a deal for trying out the 3 and 5 wood I would receive a set of 3 wedges for free. They customized the 3 and 5 wood to my game over the phone. Really liked the both of them after using them for several rounds and a lengthy range session. The 3 wood hit similar to my Titleist TS2 3 wood. The 5 wood did better than my older version Titleist fairway wood. I ended up keeping both the 3 and 5 wood. Currently have the the 5 wood in my bag now. My son uses the 3 wood and wedges. I have also ordered a hybrid from Patriot golf but don't use it much. I just recently ordered a driving iron and some other accessories as a package deal, so looking forward to using the driving iron. So over all Patriot Golf is legit and has good products. It just depends on what your looking for.
  13. Since you are staying next to Palmetto Dunes that would be a great option. Enjoyed playing there myself. Rose Hill and Old South Golf links are good options as well. Rose Hill is playable for any type of golfer.
  14. I’ve used the soft spike ratchet in removing spikes and replacing them and have found it to still be difficult at times removing the spikes. I get them removed and replaced but it takes some elbow grease for sure. At times I think it would be easier to buy new shoes. I do have a couple pair of spineless shoes to go along with my spikes ones though.
  15. I like playing without a golf glove so the best grips for me are Winn grips. Next season I will be putting Winn Dri-tac 2.0 on my clubs. They allow me to grip the club without a golf glove in most any weather. I like the feel of them and they are not hard as they have a little give to them.
  16. I have 4 brands in my bag. Driver, 3 wood, Irons are Titleist. 5 wood Patriot Golf wedges Sub70 Putter is Pyramid putter
  17. I currently have three pair of golf shoes that I use. My foot joys have the removable spikes as well as pair that has non removable spikes. I have a pair of skechers that only have the non removable spikes. If it's really wet out I will tend to wear my foot joys with the removable spikes as they do provide more stability from slipping. Otherwise I will wear the other two pair alternating.
  18. Fittings should be free if you are buying clubs that you are wanting fitted for. If your getting your current clubs you have refitted or tweaked then you should be charged.
  19. I have paid as much as $125 to play tour quality courses, but would be willing to pay to play Pebble Beach at least once.
  20. Have stand bag and 2 wedges from Sub70 golf and love them all. You can demo their clubs before buying them which is a great idea. Before spending several hundred dollars on a driver or set of irons you can try them out. Might have to demo a driver next spring myself. I also like that you can customize your shafts and grips. Definitely worth a look into Sub70 golf.
  21. I have a stand bag and 2 wedges from Sub70 and couldn't be more happy with all of them. The wedges perform just as good as my Vokey wedges did. When I am in the market to replace my irons, driver and/or fairway woods I will definitely be looking at Sub70 equipment as they continue to improve and innovate.
  22. My first order from Sub70 was a stand bag about a year and half ago. The price was right and it had the features I was looking for in a new stand bag. Definitely cheaper than the other high priced brands. Absolutely love it. About a month ago I was in the market for new wedges to replace my older Vokey wedges. I looked at Vokey again of course but then looked to see what Sub70 offered. They had newer wedges that had been upgraded from their previous offering. I checked out the specs and compared them to the new Vokey wedges as well as price. I decided on the Sub70 52 and 56 degree wedges and couldn't be happier. As they continue to improve their other clubs I will definitely look into those if I am in the market to replace my current clubs. Sub70 definitely worth a look as they are cheaper in price but not quality in my opinion.
  23. I ran across Sub70 golf a couple years ago when I was in the market for a new stand bag. Looked at many different brands including Sub70 and compared them all from features to price. Sub70 had comparable features to other name brand golf bags, but Sub70 price was much cheaper than those name brands for a stand bag. I bought the Sub70 and was not disappointed. Just recently I was looking to replace my worn out Vokey wedges. Looked at the Vokey's again ,but also looked at Sub70 wedges. Read up on both brands newest wedges and chose the Sub70 52 and 56 degree wedges based on comparable features and lower price compared to Vokey. Have now played several rounds with them and I am not disappointed by my choice. They are every bit as good as my Vokey wedges performance wise and I saved money as well.
  24. Have used Arccos for about 15 rounds so far. Have had some recent issues with missed shots but add them after my round. Will definitely clean my sensors and microphone on my phone to see if that helps with missed shots.Only thing i don't like is the putter sensor counting my putts off the green which inflates my putting total per round. Have to figure out a way to still count the stroke but not as a putt. Other than that I like the stats Arccos records as it has been a help for improvement areas and also gapping of each club.
  25. Bryan Indianapolis,IN I walk 90% of my rounds on flat to hilly terrain I currently use a TGW Tour 3 wheel push cart
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