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  1. This mirrors my experience with it. I use an Apple Watch and it’s nice being able to glance at my watch for the distances. I keep my score on a scorecard and write in how many putts per hole, if I used my putter off the green for a chip, and if I had any penalty strokes on each hole. Afterwards I go into the app and make the edits. For a history of your shots on each hole, you can only access that information through the website along with a lot more info than what the app provides. My only dislike of the system is the sensors, I find myself tightening each one prior to making a shot to make s
  2. I’ll be traveling down to the Palm Beach/Boynton Beach area the first week of November and thought I may try to get fit for a putter while I’m there if there is someplace the forum would recommend. South Florida definitely seems to have more specialized shops to choose from compared to Birmingham, AL, so I might as well take advantage of it.
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