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  1. God-bless the Japanese when it comes to these formalities they take forever lol
  2. He may not have 18 yet, but he's the GOAT if you ask me. Congratulations to Tiger
  3. Super stoked for tiger to get his 82nd when I've never been a fair weather fan I've been supporting him for 20 years thru thick and thin. I always knew he'd make a comeback and I still believe he'll catch up to Nicklaus.
  4. Hot and humid here in South Florida but I still went out there and worked on my woods I put in an order of 4 new irons so I figured I might as well work on my woods while I'm waiting for delivery. I got new driver, 3 wood and a hybrid from BombTech and I'm pulling them left if this keeps up might have to trade I'm in.
  5. Hi Gang, Update I finally decided to go to a club fitter and what 'ya know I've been playing with the wrong equipment for the last 13 years lol turns out my buddy the "club maker" made me set of irons with a C7 swung weight and a 1/2 inch short and my 7iron is 35deg lol no wonder I could barely hit it 140yds with an iron swing speed of 82mph. Now I'm looking at a set of Srixon Z-785 1deg flat with stiff nippon 105 stepped down shaft with +4 Grips at a D1 swing weight. My god they felt amazing, should have done this a long time ago. Thanks everyone
  6. Hi guys thank you for the responses especially the Sharpie comment I love it lol but actually my issue is that 14 years ago I had a pretty good game and those 600 c's are small and have a thin top line which I absolutely love I cannot deal with a big club head it doesn't work for me. Taking all of your advice I just decided to do nothing and go to the driving range and hit the s*** out of hundreds of balls and my swing is coming back so now I think all I need to do is re shaft and re grip and get a new driver and I think I'll be OK. I'm excited to play again, I kind of moved on from the game after a bad experience at a small town CC. I got into road and mountain biking but 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a blood cancer and I take a chemo drug that's sapped my strenght and staying home was driving me nuts, so I dusted off my clubs and have fallen in love with the game again, lol im obsessed. Thanks guys,
  7. Hi 10Shot, I'm hoping they can be bent because they are forged club heads and I'm looking to the decrease loft not add loft so I can get more distance for example I believe the 7 iron is 34゚ I'd like to tighten that up to 32゚. Thanks for the GolfWorks tip Bob
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 18 years, 16 on a good day What do you love about golf? Challenges my find and spirit and feeds my soul What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Looking to learn more about the art of club making Where are you from? What is your home course? Melbourne FL, The Habitat, Miami FL Redlands CC What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Year Round play and Affordability. Hot as balls What do you do for a living? Information Tech, e-commerce How’d you pick your user name? My Mom picked it for me
  9. Hi gang, I currently own a set of 2006 snake eyes 600C irons. I haven't played in some time and was never really happy with my distance I'm 5'6 and 54yo, Was thinking of buying the tailor made P790 but frankly I can afford them, would it make sense to adjust the loft on these irons by 2゚in order to give myself some more distance? If so what I have to automatically adjust lie? And would it make sense to add + .25 shaft lengh, Thank you Bob
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