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  1. Ken/Saratoga Springs NY/New York, NY Scotty Cameron Select Newport 35” w/40 gram weights would like to try the Tomcat 14. Tried the Sigma 2 Valor over the summer and liked that the center of gravity was further back because of the extended shape, but did not care for a) the softer face and b) the shaft flex felt pretty soft. Looks like the Tomcat addresses both those issues, along with heavier head.
  2. Ken Beitz Saratoga Springs, NY practice 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes or so before I play (during Covid). In times previous to Covid, I'll practice for 30 minutes or so 5-6 days a week. i average about 3 3 putt greens per round, sadly. Looking at the media, exputt looks like it might help convert data into feel.
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