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  1. I was also scammed by Probe Golf PETER BAUMANN.. I would like to join a group who have had the same experience. I was one of the first distributors purchasing 1200 putters for a large territory. I did receive 60 putters over my first 12 months, but he still owes me 60. I am also a stock holder with 38000 shares. 925-357-0100
  2. I as well as others were caught in the Probe Golf Scam. It sounded like a great opportunity. I was one of the first distributors in 2012. I went all out inquiring a large territory in the San Francisco CA area. I purchased 1200 putters for the 1200 pro shops and outlet stores in my territory. I did d receive 60 putters the first year. I never received the 60 that I paid for. I was told not to approach golf shops or country clubs myself. Probe Golf would do the selling as I sent them a listing of 1200 pro shops in my area. No one ever contacted me for the Probe Putter. So, I did my own marketing and did sell some putters. I ask several times or the remaining 60 putters I paid for and never received. i was ask to participate in a advertising campaign for $500.00 my share. I paid the $500.00, but no advertising took place. Not one putter was sold through probe Golf Advertising. PETER BAUMANN president of of Probe Golf keep asking for money and stock sales. I purchased 38,000 shares over a two year span. Recently I received information that Probe Golf was sold for 2 million dollars and share holders would receive $2.00 per share with the close of escrow. $100,000.00 in escrow account. Problem, PETER needed money for fees due before escrow could be closed. He requested that being a share holder your are required to pay $500.00 for you share of money needed to close escrow. For your $500.00 you will be paid $2,000.00. After collecting money from share holders, the deal fell through. Buyer backed out... what happened to the $100,000.00 in escrow???? Who knows?? the latest email stated he was scammed and Mr. Edward Adams stated he would recover 2.5 million, but he needs money to move the transaction along. Nigerian money????? I would like to join a group of those who fell for the scam. I can be contacted at. garlandmcclure@gmail.com
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