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  1. Short game short game short game, that is the key to scoring. If you are scoring in the 80s-90s, then you obviously can get the ball around the green in two or three, if you can get up and down half the time after that, you are in the mid 80s. Also, having a picture perfect swing is great, but working with what you've got is even better. I know a lot of scratch golfers that don't have pretty swings, but know how to play around the greens. This will separate you from your peers as most young players hate chipping and putting practice. Get some foam balls online or in a store, and hone that short game while the snow melts! good luck!
  2. I have had this argument/discussion with my colleagues at work, hoping to get a definite answer - what does the TP RED equate to at Titleist, Callaway, etc. I really like the ball, but with two or three full short irons or wedges, its scuffed, and I'm looking for an alternative that is close to the TP RED specs. Thanks! If this has been discussed previous, I apologize!
  3. Nothing more prestigious than having that titleist across your hat,having the blades in your bag with an initial stamp, and a Scotty Cameron with your name on it! Ahh to dream!!! Great question!
  4. I am looking to buy a solid swing aid, and was wondering what you all have used in the past, or currently use that has worked? I am looking at purchasing the swingyde and was hoping for some guidance! thanks!
  5. I demoed both machspeed and red over the weekend in 9.5 and 10.5, stiff. I thought they both were worse than the ZL. The ball didn't "jump" like I thought it would, and the launch was really low. I hit it low anyways, and these accentuated it further. The cobra is more forgiving and just a better stick for me(lower ball flight, 155mph ball speed). I agree with the poster regarding the look of the machspeed as well, it looks cheap. The red is a solid looking club, just not for me sadly! I hope to try the super tri soon!
  6. I have a 3w(with Pro launch blue) and 5w(stock S) and both are awesome. The ball flight penetrates and jumps off the clubface. The club itself is smaller than the current TM burner woods, but much easier to hit. Thanks for bringing up the greatest fairway woods ever!!!
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