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  1. It takes a little to get use to but I am getting a feel for it now.. Mark B
  2. Well it is 490 grams and does feel heavy but yes the grip does throw it off a little but overall is a great feel. Mark B
  3. Just got my Grace F-22 Proto from Bobby Last week. I got it as a belly putter at 42 inch but just could not dial it in correctly so I cut it down to 34 inch and threw a Super Stroke Fatso grip on it and let me tell you it is magical. I installed 7 Tungsten weights in the putter to get weight to 490 grams and that in conjunction with the new insert from Bobby the FACE OF GRACE just rolls the ball beautifully and feel is firm but super soft at the same time.Also removed paint fill from sole. Bobby has some of the best technology in the putter industry hands down and this for sure will not be my last Grace putter.
  4. Yes I understand. It must be tough being a lefty in this sport but we can make a lefty for you if you would want one. And our Battle ground series features some left handed putters as well. Check them out at bobbygraceputters.com . Mark B
  5. Here is one of Bobby's most beautiful classic designs that will hopefully in the near future be making it in my collection. This is the AMG 18 mid mallet with removable weights and our world class HSM insert. These clubs have a loft of 3 degree's and head weight can vary from 350 - 370 depending on weights installed (Tungsten,Stainless). These are available on our website in the online store. Let me know what you think of this beauty. Mark B
  6. Congrats on the putter John and hope there are many more BG putters to follow. Mark B
  7. Yes this one and KP's will be in the next week or two when Bobby heads out on tour again. Mark B
  8. Here is the first finished F-18 Proto Bobby finished today and is going to be off to the tour. This is one slick looking putter and love the way Bobby milled the sole with the lines and polished it. These are a little smaller in size but have the same lines as the F-22 as you can see but is being produced to please the person seeking a smaller MOI mallet. Let me know what you all think, Mark B
  9. It is located in Pinellas Park,FL. Mark B
  10. Sorta like the Ping Doc putter HAHAHAA. There is some great things to come soon out of the Bobby Grace tour shop. I will be sure to keep you all informed, Mark B
  11. Hey John just talked to Bobby about the fitting session and he is willing to fit anyone who would make the trip down to his shop and would be willing to purchase a tour or handmade putter. Mark B
  12. Here is the first pic of a batch of F-18 Heads that bobby started. These are a smaller version of the F-22 and will probably anodize this black hardcoat. Stay tuned for more info on these. Mark B
  13. Again sorry to here about it but be rest assured if it was a putter thst came out of Bobby's tour shop it would have great quality and if something where to go wrong with one of his personal made putters he would for sure stand behind it. Mark B
  14. Here is the F-22 I just got in the mail last night. Let me tell ya I knew it was going to be there when I got home and was excited but when I took it out of the box I was blow away by this putter. Now I have only rolled a few in my rec room carpet but it feels so solid yet soft and sound is very muted which I like as well. Feels like the ball sticks to the face and puts a great roll on the ball. Balance is by far the best I ever held in a putter and for those of you who know me I have had hundreds of putters and I had Bobby make this one 34 inch 72 lie and it is so perfect and as if the putter was made for me. Sometimes with putters we need to adjust to the putter due to its specs and design but with this one it makes you feel so comfortable and confident over the ball that it ensures the best possible stroke on the ball. Putter came with two tungsten and two stainless weights in the sole with a wrench and extra weights. I changed the two stainless weights installed in the front for the tungsten ones to make a heavier putter and the weight complements this putter so good. I will be playing a round on Thursday and will post my round with it. Mark B
  15. Well great question... I think it is only for the pros as of now but let me verify with Bobby today and I will get back to you. Mark B
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