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  1. Bryce, Southern California Yes Use a cut down PVC Pipe Taylormade TP5X Align XL Choice Text: Trap Draw
  2. BIO: Hey everyone. This is kind of a secondary review on these irons, and not one of the officially selected peeps to test and give feedback. I will start with a little about myself. I hang between a 3 to a +2, depending on how i am feeling, mainly to aches and pains and onset of arthritis starting to take over in finger joints. I have played the game for many years and just turned 50. Still have around a 108-110mph driver clubhead speed which puts it out there 285-290 range an my previous gamers were Taylormade P790's and hit a 7 iron around 175ish with stiff KBS Tour 120's. My bag
  3. Well I guess I get to report on them Friday, USPS pending
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