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  1. Willie Virginia Beach, VA I typically walk all my round unless I’m playing in a charity/work tournament I’ve always carried my clubs since Jr and College golf, but would love to try using a pushcart!
  2. Willie Parks Virginia Beach, VA (only a short distance away) 10.0 GHIN Taylormade P790 T-100s (I was considering this club when I bought my new set, but the head wasnt out yet and I got impatient)
  3. Hi Spies! I'm just starting off with the forum so I figured this was a good place to start: I have been playing golf for about 15 years. I put my clubs up after a year of college golf for 6 years and have recently gotten back into the game. My typical handicap is between an 8-10. I love the challenge of golf. You can have the best round of your life and the next day it all fall apart. It's truly a game that can never be won, only played. I am really interested to be involved with product testing and meet more golf enthusiast. I'm from Virginia Beach, VA. I currently don't have a "home course", but I spend most of my time at Virginia Beach National. The best thing about golf in Hampton Roads is access to a number of different course. They all vary in challenge and layout, so you never get bored. The downside is no elevation change. As I get back into tournament golf it's hard getting used to clubbing up and down in hilly regions. I'm a registered Architect. Combination of my childhood nickname and football number from high school.
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