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  1. On 9/10/2020 at 4:46 AM, cnosil said:

    It is just a tradition and it used to be a nasty pond but was converted into a swimming pool.  

    The concrete-lined pool is part of Champions Lake, which surrounds the 18th (finishing) hole of the LPGA major. Wilcox is known as “Poppie” to his seven grandchildren. The first champion to jump into Poppie’s Pond to celebrate her victory was Amy Alcott in 1988.

    Poppie’s Pond is 5-1/2 feet deep at the center and extends about 60 feet on either side of the bridge used by golfers to reach the island green. The pond is maintained to a swimming pool level with a continuous supply of fresh water.  It can also be drained easily and refilled to ensure that it contains high-quality water.

    Because the pond is self-contained within the lake, golf course maintenance crews are able to use chlorine without impacting the lake’s fish or birdlife. As a result, the Tournament winners do not have to worry about the quality of the water when they take the dive. I think the owners of the club are worried about safety and there are no pesticides in their ponds because this is an important topic. Additionally, you can read about it here https://envrexperts.com/free-essays/pesticides/ if you are interested. So, nothing threatens the winners of the tournament.


    Well, if the club employees monitor the quality of the water then everything is fine.

  2. On 1/6/2021 at 8:40 PM, wely324 said:

    The last time I had any sort of lesson/instruction from a teaching professional was back in 2006, my senior year in highschool. The large window from then till now is that I basically stopped playing the game until mid summer of 2019. I went and played with my parents and was instantly hooked on the game again. With this season over I really started to analyze my game and knew whatever new clubs I purchased etc., nothing was going to fix the downfalls of my game without a lesson. Anything inside of 100 yards is the danger zone for me and it puts such demand on the other parts of my game, and it requires me to navigate the course tip toeing around to make sure I don't leave myself a shot I know I can't execute. And the other area I struggled with was my driver, to the point that I took it out of my bag and played with just a 3w for the majority of the season. 

    Now to my first lesson in a long long time! It was a rather informal lesson, as I know this teaching pro outside of golf. He knew I was testing some drivers out and said, come by one day and you can hit them on the launch monitor and we can see what's going on. This was after I told him I had went to a local indoor simulator, I shared the data and he knew I could be hitting both drivers further based on my swing speed. 

    So after warming up I started hitting some 7 irons. The best thing about this lesson was that he not only had a QCquad launch monitor, but he also had a swing catalyst sensor plate, which measures the pressure through your feet during the swing. This was a great tool not only for him to understand what I was doing, but it also allowed me to understand what he was saying as he could show me through the data. Comparing the initial swings to the swings after trying a few drills and seeing the difference in results through the data showed we were moving in the right direction. 

    First we worked on slowing my transition at the top and firing my chest through impact, as I was staying down too long through the shot. This was more of just working on the feeling of my chest rotating fully through the swing. Immediately we saw more torque, measured through the swing catalyst, my swing speed went up to 96-97 mph and my carry climbed to 182-183. As I kept on hitting 7 irons the feeling was still awkward but it was something I could feel and repeat over and over. The best part of the results was not just the increase in distance but also accuracy as the first 5 shots were nearly identical, straight as can be. Some of the best feeling strikes in my life. It was like effortless power at impact. 

    Pitch shots was next! My swing gets narrow at the top and I create a lot of lag and load, sergio like, and in my short game this kills me as I attack the ball at a very steep angle and basically render any bounce on the club useless, and I have full wedge grinds with 14* of bounce which do nothing for me. We started hitting some half swing shots and he wanted me to feel like I was releasing the club extremely early. And then we also worked on hitting right hand only shots. It was amazing how good impact was with just my right hand. The main feeling was that everything was slowed down and smooth. It also made me rotate my body through the shot and finish in a much better position, with the club handle to left of me and the face of the club pointing back at me. The feeling of the club using the bounce to glide instead of jabbing at the impact zone was noticed immediately.

    The driver was the last thing we worked on. With the amount of lag I create and the quick transition the club gets stuck behind me and I leave the face open, resulting in a weak impact position blocking the ball out to the right, or i try to correct it by getting flippy with my hands resulting in a hook. We tried to stay with similar feelings of my irons, a slow transition, and rotating my chest. We also worked on depth in my back swing keeping my hands wider with a sense of less hinge, although there was still plenty of it. It was amazing how on camera the change is not as drastic as it feels. At impact the club and my left forearm were much straighter, my angle of attack was shallower, my swing speed stayed the same, but i was hitting the ball further and consistently straighter. Instead of a slight fade the ball was falling to left, carrying about 285. 

    I hope this write up isn't too long, but I wanted to share my experience. As I love new clubs like most on this forum, there is no better way to get the most out today's technology than working with a professional to get you swinging at your best. I've been a golf fan since college. I even wrote a study on this topic. Of course, this resource https://studymoose.com/essay-types/common-app-essays for teaching students helped me a lot. The teachers really liked my work.



    It's amazing how good a lesson can be. You are very lucky.

  3. On 4/24/2021 at 7:09 PM, fixyurdivot said:

    Maybe we'll have a normal season this year?  We can only hope.  College football and tour golf are my sports entertainment.  The rest of pro sports are pretty much a pass for me.  So what's on your mind for the upcoming college season?  What big news about your alma mater or favorite teams are you following?  

    One key subject that will affect everyone is the continued discussion of playoff expansion.  The committee working this offered up 63 possibilities... which includes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 team options 😲.  This article suggests the 4 team format is on borrowed time.  I think that is likely the case and feel an 8 team format would be a good first move.  Thoughts?

    College Football Playoff expansion: Hint suggests things are happening (usatoday.com)

    Spring games already happening.  I predict Sarkisian is a bust at Texas (but admittedly, I'm not a Sark fan 🙂)  Go Irish!!

    Yes, I also hope that this year we will have a normal season. I think the guys will show themselves at their best.

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