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  1. Thank you for that great answer..never thought about problems only the fun I could have.. will buy a cheap one and put up a review. Cheers Thank for your great replies never thought about problems only the fun I could have. Will get a cheap one and post a review.
  2. I fancy a putting analyser and on Ebay the above are for sale for abou 20bucks however on the 3bays site they are 200. I know if it's to good to be true, it isn't but wondered if anybody had one if it worth 200 or has anyone bought the cheap one??
  3. After a hip replacement I was off golf for 12 weeks, for most of that time i used a mirror and a Eyeline golf sword. That really helps you groove your stroke, I came back putting really well just took a little time for the rest of the game to catch up.
  4. The reason I switched to the Noodle was that I needed a ball that I could find easier amongst leaves, our greens are soft at this time of year so I went looking for the longest neon ball I could find and came up with the Noodle.
  5. Kenny one of the reasons I asked was that I recently switched from Chrome soft to Noodles for the winter and immediately started holding putts from all over the only thing I could think of was the hardness of the ball or the fact that the Noodles are Matt neon green.
  6. I play in the North Yorkshire region of th UK. Our parkland course is affected by the weather to a large degree, the greens dont really come to speed until June and are shot by October. Through the winter the course is soggy and muddy. However that doesn't stop me playing 3 times a week. I did play off 10 but 4 hip replacement operations has set me back to 17 but now I a fit and aim to get back down in 2020. Mygolfspy has been my go to site for information and reviews for a while and I am looking forward to seeing what the forum has to offer.
  7. Is it possible that the soft or hardness of a golf ball could affect accuracy of putting. I am thinking about the milliseconds that a ball is in contact with the putter face. Is soft better than hard please?
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