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  1. Randy Tampa, FL Currently using Epic Flash Sub Zero 16.2 Handicap 95-100 mph Swing speed Would prefer the TSi3
  2. Randy Naylor - Tampa, Florida I use a sharpie to put lines on every ball I play with, especially for putting but also to set the ball on the tee in the right direction from the tee box. I have 3 different plastic holders that I use, depending on what types of lines I feel like using. One has 3 parallel lines, one gives me a single, short line on one side of the ball (for drives) and a long line with a cross line for putts (to ensure I'm square), and one provides just a single long line that covers half the ball, so I flip it to mark both sides of the ball and get a line all the way
  3. Randy / Tampa , Florida Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Kirkland signature 3-piece both currently in the bag, trading off rounds to see which really performs better for me. Swing speed of 95 MPH with the driver last time I checked it.
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