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  1. Randy Tampa, FL Currently using Epic Flash Sub Zero 16.2 Handicap 95-100 mph Swing speed Would prefer the TSi3
  2. Randy Naylor - Tampa, Florida I use a sharpie to put lines on every ball I play with, especially for putting but also to set the ball on the tee in the right direction from the tee box. I have 3 different plastic holders that I use, depending on what types of lines I feel like using. One has 3 parallel lines, one gives me a single, short line on one side of the ball (for drives) and a long line with a cross line for putts (to ensure I'm square), and one provides just a single long line that covers half the ball, so I flip it to mark both sides of the ball and get a line all the way around, but if I don't get it perfect the line looks pretty funky as the putt is rolling. I currently use the Srixon ZStar Yellow, but when I mark it with a blue line (my preferred color) it comes out greenish, so it's kind of an issue I'm looking to clear up. Would prefer the Align XL Personalized in Blue that says "GO LONG!". Then I'd really know it's mine
  3. Randy / Tampa , Florida Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Kirkland signature 3-piece both currently in the bag, trading off rounds to see which really performs better for me. Swing speed of 95 MPH with the driver last time I checked it.
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