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  1. After playing same old, same old (Cleveland HB3) super game improvement irons since about 2008, I decided to have a good set of irons before I die. And to have them fit instead of cruising around on eBay to find them. So, naturally, I bought two sets: Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metals in September and Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Blacks in December. Haven't figured out a favorite yet, but both are a LOT better than the Clevelands. The remaining question will be whether I can play either set well enough to get my handicap headed down instead of up as has been the case for the past five years or so. So far, so good. FWIW, both are long and I'm striking them consistently. My 7 iron carry with the HB3s had dropped off to 150 yards and was heading lower. I am hitting the Hot Metals 7 iron about 158 to 160 and the Ft. Worth 7 iron slightly more, maybe 163 carry. Can't explain why the Hogans are so long - their 7 iron is lofted at a traditional 34 degrees, while the Hot Metal 7 iron is somewhat jacked at 30 degrees. The trajectory of both is similar - must be the relative weighting of the heads or the different shafts (KBS C-taper Lite in the Mizunos and UST Mamiya Recoil F3 graphite in the Hogans, both regular flex).
  2. John, please put a link from this thread to the article. I just read it and commented on it. What a great article relating the history of an important period and a real contributor to golf (John Hoeflich). I played two of my three Nickent hybrids(#2, and #3) just yesterday, and they still crush the ball - a perfect fit with my Hogan Ft. Worth irons (4 - PW) and my TaylorMade 5 wood. Maybe I'll stuff the #4 in the bag tomorrow just for grins. And I was also gaming one of my two Nickent Pipe putters.( The other is in my bag at home.) I still have a set of Nickent irons that I couldn't bear to part with for some unknown reason. Maybe I'll break them out of the storage locker and put new KBS C-taper Lite shafts in them just to see what happens. Thanks again.
  3. Does Ben Hogan Golf send MGS irons to be tested as part of the usual evaluations that are performed? I would suggest that they should be, even though their direct to consumer marketing approach may not be what MGS thinks is in golfers' best interest (though I don't know why not). I want to encourage MGS to include the Hogan iron models in the 2020 lineup for testing, and wonder if others also support this.
  4. Just listened to Epi 28. Great talk. Miranda is a natural fit. The PXG discussion was interesting. I went in to their retail shop in Bellevue, WA over the holidays and hit the 0211 irons (only because they were ON SALE - $125/club). Given that I had just purchased Hot Metals in September and Hogan Ft. Worth Blacks in December, I wasn't really a customer, but I can't ignore a sale. They 0211 irons weren't anything special. I didn't hit the 0311 irons in case they were, 'cause they were NOT on sale. I don't hate PXG for their market and price point, but they are having the opposite effect on irons (and, I fear, golf generally) than what Dean Snell has created in the golf ball market. PXG creates another excuse for the big 3 (or is it 4 or 5) to jack prices up. It is a bit like the "loft war", with a race to change expectations of what a reasonable price is or what a number on a club means. FWIW, I have never owned Mizuno or Hogan irons before because I didn't think my game was worthy of either. News Flash! Mizunos and Hogans are not just for low handicappers. I brought the Hogans to New Zealand for our winter (their summer) and hit them yesterday. They are traditionally lofted but are at least a club longer (maybe more) than the Cleveland HB3s I have had here for 8 years or so. The Mizunos are still at home in Friday Harbor, WA. They are also at least a club longer. But the Hot Metal 7 iron is lofted at 30 degrees. The Hogan 7 iron is 34 degrees. For my testing so far, it looks like both go about the same distance. And, in addition to longer, they both fly higher than the old Clevelands. And I have discovered I can actually hit them, even the Hogan Ft. Worth Blacks that are forged blades. Technology is a very, very good thing.
  5. This week we went from 23 degrees (F) and snowing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (at the airport for our flight) to 23 degrees (C) and bright sunshine in Auckland, New Zealand 13 hours later. As sailors say, nothing goes upwind like a 787. If you are challenged by the temp conversion, 23 degrees (C) is about 73 degrees (F). And 23 degrees (F) is still damn cold. How convenient that the northern hemisphere winter is the southern hemisphere summer. We went to the local golf club where we are members, picked up our summer membership card (a real bargain because golf is a winter sport here), and hit balls for an hour. We'll try to play this afternoon. My objective for our "second summer" this year is 40 rounds. I fell a bit short last year.
  6. Hi Miranda; Welcome aboard. Is there a separate forum where members can comment on topics addressed in the NPG episodes? Or is that simply done here in this forum. Also wondering - maybe I just missed the message if there was one. Is Sam gone?
  7. Well, I guess my customer service expectations are excessively high. Decathalon (Inesis) got me the code for opening up my account after a few hours and I ordered a pair of their waterproof golf shoes. I'm looking forward to getting them soon and testing them in the Pacific Northwest winter. Still, they ought to have a contact phone number for customer service. That's pretty basic. 

  8. MGS obviously really likes Inesis golf shoes (Decathalon based in France). They may be great, and I would love to order a pair, but go to their website and try to find a phone number for customer service. It simply doesn't exist. I have tried TWICE to set up an account and Inesis/Decathalon's site directs me back to my email to complete the set up (probably for a code), but there is nothing at my email address. Then I tried an email to their customer service. Nothing. Nada. They have recently opened a store in the San Francisco Bay area. No phone number available. MSG shouldn't recommend golf shoes or other goods from a company without checking them out first. I guess I'll just buy my golf shoes through Amazon. You can say all sorts of bad things about Amazon, but their customer service is first rate.  

  9. Hector / Friday Harbor, WA (But will be in New Zealand from 1/15 until April 1 and will play there.) 105 - 108 Kirkland
  10. Hi Guys and Girls. I'm new to MyGolfSpy, and this is the first forum I have posted to. Have to start somewhere, right? My wife and I live in Friday Harbor, Washington in the San Juan Islands. I'm 74, so I suspect I am one of the older guys on this site. I'm not yet retired, and don't plan to. I own a water resource consulting company. My handle reflects that I owned and flew light aircraft for many years, with single-engine land, single-engine sea, and instrument ratings. Didn't fly enough to maintain my desired proficiency, so I sold the plane a couple years ago. We have a nice little club with a 9-hole course here on the island. Great conditioning, small greens, a few ponds, and too damn many trees. We also belong to a course in New Zealand (Taupo Golf Club), where we spend 10 weeks each winter (our winter = their summer, how convenient). TGC has two 18 hole courses, one roughly comparable to ours here and the other a real championship track. I play a lot with the "Vets" (old guys) there. My Handicap Index is 16.8 here, but for some reason it is always a couple strokes higher in New Zealand. I play 50 to 70 rounds a year - about 35 in New Zealand and the same or a few less in the Pacific Northwest, mostly because my wife and I go cruising in British Columbia in the summers. (This year we finally made it to Southeast Alaska. That takes a while at 6.5 kt.) Best thing about golf here on the island is the group of guys I play with. Best thing about the PacNW is the abundance of really good courses no one knows about. Gamble Sands is way out back of the back of beyond in the desert of Eastern Washington, but it is a GREAT (David McClay Kidd) course. New Zealand is kind of the same way. There are more golf courses in New Zealand per capita than any other country on Earth other than Scotland. Every little town seems to have a course and a clubhouse, and the tracks are often quite good. I have played a few where the fairways are "mown" by sheep, and the greens have low electric fences around them to keep the sheep off. Golf there is very egalitarian - everyone plays and everyone is welcome, from the banker to the butcher. I started golfing when I was about 14 years old. First got involved by caddying for a friend of my dad. Reason - $5 a round and he let my drive his car to and from the course at 14. I think that was so he could drink a shot of scotch on each tee box. I remember him as a fairly good golfer but a really accomplished drinker. He would let me hit a few shots during his rounds, and I caught the bug. I remember hitch hiking to the course with a buddy before I could drive (legally). It wasn't much of a course, sand greens, a lot more rough than fairways, and a lot of tall unmown areas. But we had so much fun. I played quite a bit in my first two years of college - even bought a set of Wilson staff woods (real woods) and irons. Then I realized that I better go to class instead. After I started work and got married I basically took 25 years away from golf - from about 25 to 50 - because I couldn't keep from getting angry. I just kept trying (i.e., swinging) harder, and it kept getting worse. Nothing I had ever done in sports couldn't be improved by being more intense. It didn't work for golf. So I hung it up. My sister-in-law was a PGA teaching pro. She advised me that I didn't play golf well enough to get mad about it, but she didn't get through to me. I really regret missing those years now, but that's just water down the creek at this point. What do I love about golf? My wife and I play most of our golf together. She plays to a HI of 22 or so, making it a lot of fun. (For many years we also raced one-design sailboats together - the best way I can put it is that she is quietly VERY intensely competitive.) Last year we played in the Five Courses Stableford tournament in Tauranga, New Zealand. Five days, five courses, five rounds, 300+ golfers from all over the world. What a gas! I found MyGolfSpy by accident because I started watching TXG on YouTube and saw their segment about the infamous golf ball test. I've read many of the Most Wanted articles and enjoy their objective perspectives. Right now I'm really enjoying marathoning the No Putts Given episodes. I bought a set of Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metals and a Titleist TS3 21 degree hybrid.about six weeks ago. There are my first new clubs in about 10 years. I always thought I didn't play well enough to deserve clubs that good. They were for real golfers. What an idiot! It has been a real eye-opener. My Rocketbalz 3 metal hasn't been out of the bag since. No more surfing eBay for clubs. I'm mostly looking forward to reading others' posts rather than posting myself. So I may be AWOL from the forum most of the time. Cheers; Hecaviator
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