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  1. This was from yesterday, was focused on trying to not make too flat of a hip turn. Was trying to make what felt like slow motion swings, but video shows in reality that the swings weren't as slow as i intended. And for those who aren't aware, i am working on a version of the one plane swing, so that's why my hands are high at address the way they are.
  2. I am now considering this, especially since the Bushnell Launch Pro came out.
  3. i've also noticed, i can see tee marks clearly on my Callaway driver, but not so much on my Titleist driver, just do to difference in material or difference in color of the sole.
  4. Was working on swings again today. Still a lot of work to do, but I think its better than other recent swings. I sent this one into Monte for his feedback, i'm very much in the camp of backswing matters. I am not skilled enough to consistently be able to manipulate the club well from a bad backswing position.
  5. An instructor once told me that the tee marks look good on the bottom of my driver but i didnt ask any more questions
  6. Didn't realize that TM used carbon fiber in the face in a previous model, thanks for the info.
  7. Its not really that. It just takes some time for self-discovery. It wasn't until this morning that I figured out something. In my mind "rotate" meant the left hip and right hip rotate. So If I tell myself to "rotate", both hips rotate but I find the left leg doesn't gain much flex, it just kick inwards toward the trail leg, instead of the knee gaining flex and pointing more in the direction of the ball. Today i put myself into static positions and thought harder about what do i feel in my body. When in the proper static position at the top of the backswing, i feel like only the right hip is rotated and that the left hip has not rotated at all. While the left hip has in fact rotated, it just feels to me like it hasn't. It's similar to what Mike Malaska says in one of his videos about hip rotation. He says he doesn't feel like he rotates at all, he just feels like he pushes his trail hip back during the backswing. That's not exactly what I feel, but the point is more so that what you feel in the proper movement can be different than the way you interpret the word used to represent that movement.
  8. I don't drink at all (at least not for the last 13 years). For whatever reason, the guys i play with (regulars and randoms) at my club drink like one beer max on the course, and most don't drink at all during a round. On Sundays, there is no beverage cart either. On all other days, I rarely see the beverage cart driving around, and half the time its some dude driving the cart.
  9. Yep, in the Golfwrx thread on this topic, i already have made the commitment to purchase this new driver
  10. Can't figure out why it never wants to listen lol. I can do the movement with no club or with a club and no ball. Put the ball there and it wants to do something completely different.
  11. Thanks, i need to go back and figure out how to make my body do what its supposed to do, its not listening yet
  12. This was from just now. Intent was to try to have a steeper hip turn and allow the hips to turn @Kenny B @RickyBobby_PR - thoughts?
  13. Thanks. I don't have any flexibility issues, so thats not the problem. I think the problem is the flat hip turn gets me into a bad spot with the arms, so i started restricting the turn to try to get my arms in a less bad spot. I need to focus on what rickybobby was saying about the tilt. Things go really bad if i make a big but flat hip turn.
  14. Yep, have been trying those different drills/feels. It takes me a while to figure out what resonates in my mind that makes my body do what i intend it to do. I've tried thinking about the left knee flexing, but i do something wrong and get closer to the ball in the backswing. Tried the right hip feel that Monte talks about as well. What is resonating with my mind/body so far for whatever reason is thinking about how the right pec moves.
  15. Yep, its my new excuse lol. It is a good party trick though
  16. Thanks, definitely need to work on this, and thanks for the reminder. The feedback I had gotten from Monte a few months back on my one plane swing was 1) needing to get rid of the inside takeaway and 2) left knee needs to gain some flex in the backswing (which alludes to my shoulder and hip turn being too flat), and he had said to work on them one at a time, and i hadn't really focused much on #2, but its important. Kirk tends not to give as much feedback on takeaway and backswing as long as the impact position looks good, but when my takeaway and backswing are off, i can at times come into impact ok and at times impact is terrible. So it makes sense why i have a lack of consistency.
  17. @RickyBobby_PR - here is Kirk's top of backswing for reference. i tend to have too flat of a hip turn
  18. Yeah, the shoulder and hip tilt is a problem that i have regardless of swing type.
  19. I blame all my swing evils on my joint hypermobility
  20. For better or worse, it reduces (not eliminates) some of the other bad that happens with my current swing.
  21. I found something that helps me. If I setup with my trail foot flared slightly inward, the inside takeaway mostly goes away (or goes away completely) without me consciously doing anything different in the swing. Prevents over rotation as well for me. Probably not a very good solution for very many people, but i have flexible joints.
  22. Anyone else double jointed?
  23. It gets back to P2 ok and then the wrist hinge gets a bit too horizontal so the club starts going inside. It's not as bad when I grip the club properly with my right hand. I haven't been actually trying to change anything with my grip on purpose, it just started to get sloppy back to how i used to improperly hold the club.
  24. What theoretically could happen doesn't always happen because of the human element and the human reaction to a change. Theoretically a stiffer profile shaft should reduce spin compared to a softer tip shaft for example. But when testing, I hit all the stout shafts about the same (spin too high) but then hit a softer profile and spin came down. It was because of how I react and my swing reacts to the stiffer profile vs. the softer.
  25. Yep, it takes time. I continue to even get sloppy on the more basics things, like grip, which tends to exacerbate other swing issues.
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