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  1. I actually also don't have a good sense of feel of shaft differences (besides weight) until impact. At impact, i can feel a kick on some shafts, minimal kick on other shafts, and something in between with others. If i hit a 90 gram KBS and a 90 gram true temper, I could not tell the difference in feel. If you can at MGS, try hitting a Steelfiber i95 Stiff and then try hitting a DG 95 S or a Nippon 950GH S.
  2. Both. Personally have hit Steelfibers, Recoils, and then a number of different steel shafts in the same session that were in the 90 gram class. The graphite shafts felt more stout in my opinion than the steel shafts I tried. Also, Russ Ryden from Golfshaftreviews has stated based on his measurements that graphite shafts tend to measure out as being as stout as steel shafts 10 to 20 grams heavier. I recognize both are generalizations and there will always be exceptions.
  3. i haven't been posting much, been busy with work. gotta pay the bills to continue to be a top tier CHA member. random thought of the day. i've come to the conclusion that 90 gram class steel shaft != 90 gram class graphite iron shaft. the 90 gram class graphite shafts generally feel quite a bit stiffer than equivalent weight steel shafts. not saying thats a good thing, a bad thing, etc., but there is a difference.
  4. I fixed them yes, it was not a problem for me to fix at home. But for folks that are unaware about these types of issues or folks that live far from a retail shop or builder, this could be problematic. its also good to know that me hitting balls in different directions wasn’t completely user error lol. There was definitely a pattern between different irons in the set.
  5. Played my JPX 923 set for the first time today. Ordered my clubs more upright than normal and was hitting some balls at the range. Some clubs was hitting straighter, some clubs were going way right, like start line way right. Came home and checked the specs on my clubs. I have a Mitchell loft/lie machine, and some specs were way off. Needed to make sure it wasn't user error so I double checked with my standalone club spec gauge. Those measurements more or less matched my Mitchell measurements. For reference, my order was 2 degrees weak, 0.5 degrees upright. The specs i listed below are what I ordered (not the stock specs). What bothers me is all the clubs with the incorrect lie angle were even flatter than stock. One thing to note, all the clubs that were the correct loft, or close to the correct loft, were the ones with a lie angle issue. The ones that had the correct lie angle were the ones that were bent way too weak.
  6. 2 set of JPX, the first is going up for sale though before trying. I ordered before getting fitted because I got too excited by the pre-release. This is actually the third AF lol (not all owned at one time though).
  7. My hero too. I'm trying to get out of the CHA shenanigans, but i do have two sets of JPX 923 on the way lol.
  8. I have a bunch of those Crossline 360 genesis if you need some. i tried one, but installed, it plays bigger than a GP tour velvet.
  9. For me, i don't load shafts very hard because my transition is slow so that is why Steelfibers in Stiff feel a bit boardy to me.
  10. Played yesterday, hole of the day was a short par 4, playing about 330. Didn't hit the best shot off the tee with my 3 wood, but it was in the middle of the fairway, left me with 113 yards. Was trying to decide if i should hit a PW knowing that if i strike it well, its going way too far, or hit GW and be at about the right distance. Pulled GW, almost went in the hole. Made the 1 foot putt for birdie.
  11. Played a course i never played before. par 4, little under 500 yards. Driver off the tee, hit one of the poorest shots possible that you can hit and still remain in bounds. Like 5 feet off the ground, left. Shot 2, had 408 left. Would take a miracle to hit a GIR for me with that distance left. Hit a 3 wood, not exactly the shot i envisioned but it made sufficient progress forward but left of where i would have liked. shot 3 had a little over 200 left, hitting off marginal grass/dirt. 4 hybrid. Actually hit it on the green from there, miracle. missed the birdie putt, but it was a long lag putt, wasnt expecting to make it. made the par putt
  13. From yesterday, my best shaft didn't end up being one that was in the top 3, but i would say it is similar in nature to the others in the top 3 (i.e. lightweight steel, mid to upper 90 grams, "higher" launching, etc.), so i would consider Mizuno getting it right for me. I didn't get recommended any of the graphite shafts like you had in the list above, but all the others listed for you were in about my top 5.
  14. i've been playing Steelfibers for so long (almost a year is a long time in my book), that i almost forgot that shafts can have feel lol.
  15. The HL irons are great, not just for slower swing speeds. I was closely considering the HL, but think I am going to go with the standard HM bent weak.
  16. I did the thing I should have done and went to a store and got fit. The fitter was actually pretty solid, had a good dialog. Hit the HM and HM HL the best. The added loft of the HL was good, definitely hit them higher, launch angle was higher and peak height was higher. I was swinging the 7 iron at about 85 mph after i was warmed up, so the fitter said speed is not my issue as it relates to launch angle and peak height. He was leaning towards standard Hot Metal but bent weak, 1 to 2 degrees.
  17. I'm dumb. I have a set of JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro on the way from 2ndswing. Had some trade in gift cards so it made sense to order. However, I decided to go get fit today at a local retail store. Definitely fit better in the standard 923 HM or HM HL. So i am going to keep that 2ndswing order and order another set lol (but sell the HMP when they arrive). I still need to figure out shaft though for the 923 HM set. The winner was DG 95 Stiff, but don't know if my body can take steel shafts. I hit the recoil 95 and hated them.
  18. Have not tried winn undersize grips. Going to try iomic 1.8 with 1 extra wrap of 0.007 tape under the right hand. People say you can't feel the difference between one wrap of tape, but I definitely can. I recently tried a Lamkin standard vs. a GP Tour Velvet standard. Thought it was in my head that the Lamkin felt alot bigger. Measured it and it was about 0.01 to 0.015 bigger, which is about one wrap.
  19. Epic LZR? That's the latest "Epic" trademark owned by Callaway.
  20. If you guys think my CHA habits are bad, my choice of grips and grip sizes is even worse. I can't come to a conclusion on what exact grip and grip size I like. I am pretty sensitive to grip size, maybe not so much in actual impact to my ball flight, but more so in terms of how the grip feels in my hand. Some notes: Don't like full cord grips or grips like MCC, too rough I have measured different "standard" size grips on the same shaft size and they don't measure the same. For example, i've found Lamkin standards to be bigger than Golf Pride standard holding shaft diameter and tape wraps constant Iomic 1.8 (undersized) grips are close to my liking in terms of grip size, but just a tad too small, especially in the lower hand Undersize plus 4, feels too large in the lower hand From the notes above, you can see i'm very picky about grips. Going to try to find the right grip size and grip. I think its going to be an Iomic 1.8 with 1 to 2 wraps of masking tape under the lower hand.
  21. this is a good video. Hot Metals in general do well with Toe strikes, no wonder i like them
  22. Was looking at the Bettinardi Social pics from last night. Those guys are 100 times worse than @Golfspy_CG2 and I at how much money they spend on golf equipment and accessories.
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