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  1. Outside of golf, I'm smart and learn and pickup things quickly. With golf, I feel like my brain is dense and doesn't get something, forgets about something, or just doesn't apply something.
  2. It has taken me a while to really understand what using the bounce means, what the club looks like at setup to expose the bounce, etc.
  3. Thinking about buying some Foot Joy Pro Dry socks, 5 pairs for $24.99.
  4. Do you guys check Rakuten before making your golf purchases? Or for online purchases in general?
  5. I spent a few minutes today thinking about why I don't setup my short wedge shots to use the bounce and what it looks like to setup a wedge shot to expose the bounce. I know about the bounce concept, but for some reason i like to set myself up for failure with the leading edge jammed into the ground at setup on pitch shots.
  6. Yes, but that club was not purchased with the intention of taking the plastic off of. It was purchased to capitalize on a good trade-in deal to resell.
  7. Im going to the callaway fitting day at my club on Saturday to check out the new Callaway Epic line of drivers to see if they perform any better than my TSi 2. I've never hit a driver with a movable weight, so want to see if that does anything for me as well.
  8. Will Edison double soft step the Modus 120X for the $15 upgrade price? That would probably work well too.
  9. There is a iwood fwy tour shaft for example: http://accragolf.com/iwood-ihybrid-shafts/
  10. Yeah, with driver, i used to hit snappers, but then learned to hold it off a little and then comes the push slices. I hate it.
  11. That was a big problem for me. Monte told me not to do anything else until i got that fixed. That one took a long time to get even close to fixing. I was using my right shoulder dipping as a fault to get more shallow previously. My low point control was terrible, way behind the ball even though i was coming into the ball fairly shallow. Also would cause me to hit some shots 45 degrees right with irons at times. It was the worst thing ever. EDIT: To clarify, the issue is the timing of when the right shoulder lowers. Its not supposed to happen immediately in transition. Trying to find a go
  12. Are you guys talking about the right (trail) shoulder dipping too much too early in the downswing?
  13. My understanding based on watching something from Tom Wishon is that there is some nuance about the loft change and the face angle with adjustable adapters. When changing the loft on the adapter, it does literally close the face angle, but does not actually change the loft, unless the player soles the driver and rotates the face to square at setup. The rotating to square at setup is what then changes the loft of the club. If you just sole the driver as it wants to lie at setup, then you do have a closed face due to the adapter change, but no change in loft.
  14. Thanks. I know the two things that i need to feel. Pressure needs to go to the right foot to start the swing and i need to feel width in the backswing. The “width” feel helps my width and depth. The one thing that wrecks my swing is when my swing gets too long (even longer than the video). If it gets too long, then there is a good chance i won’t get my arms synced up to my pivot in the downswing.
  15. So I had emailed Edison not to long ago because I was considering some exotic graphite shaft that they didn't have available. They said they would sell me heads only for $129. Then I could go and buy whatever shaft I wanted. Keep in mind the Edison heads are 0.370, so you will need to shim the modus 125 wedge shaft if you got one.
  16. As an IT Consultant, I give a big thumbs up to the Tableau design work. Nice, clean dashboard.
  17. It doesn't come with a radar, but it does recommend a few of the most popular ones out there on the market. And then in the app, you input which radar you are using.
  18. I have had pretty much all of the issues mentioned in this thread and am still working through some of them. The inside takeaway was so hard for me to get rid of, took like 6 months and I thought about it and tried to rehearse it every day during those 6 months plus practicing. It took a really long time until a light bulb went off in my head realizing what is really happening in the backswing when you combine arms with hips in the backswing. Hip rotation took a long time to figure out and still a work in-progress. What took a long time to realize was that my lack of hip rotation was a re
  19. Made a big purchase.... Hah, wondering what all of you were thinking that I bought. 5 PXG gloves because they were top on the MGS most wanted and i am down to my last glove.
  20. Monte had some wizardry on my swing analysis to notice that I was getting to my left side too early, almost right away, plus my arms getting jammed up at the top of my swing, so my arms would continue moving to get more space even though my body stopped rotating. The part about getting to my left side too early made my swing feel really unathletic. He said i need to start the swing and get some pressure on the right side and it may feel like swaying to me. I feel so much more athletic making that move. My swing feels the best it has ever felt. Shallow but neutral.
  21. Congrats on the milestone. I feel like I have been around here a while, but guess it hasn't been that long, think i just post too much lol.
  22. Distance potential is calculated based on eSpeed, i do know that part. And eSpeed is always calculated based off "Stack Speed" which is the swings with the 195 gram configuration. Since the Stack stick is not quite as along as a full driver, the "Stack Speed" is multiplied times some sort of multiplier that considers the driver length you input to get to eSpeed. I think the "Stack Speed" is also using the median of the 195 gram swings (vs. mean).
  23. So here are my stats after session 2. I am not sure how much of the speed gain is actual speed gain vs. me just learning how to better swing the sticks. I've always found it challenging to maximize swing speeds without a ball. With a speed stick, i guess my body is trying to swing as fast as possible through the full duration of the downswing whereas with a real ball and real club, my body is trying to maximize speed and release through the ball.
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