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  1. 13 hours ago, edingc said:

    I realized last week I was closing in on 2,000 posts since becoming a member here on the forums. (And I was even able to time this post to be No. 2000!)

    It has been a wild ride since I joined in Dec. 2018. At that time I was just starting to get back into golf after several years of not playing very much. I think @GolfSpy MPR's DIY SuperSpeed post is what finally sucked me into joining and contributing after lurking for quite a while.

    I ended up enjoying my stay and am very fortunate to have been a tester for the Callaway Epic Flash driver and for the absolutely incredible #CobraConnect Challenge last summer. It's been wonderful getting to virtually know a lot of you and how you play the game of golf. I also had the pleasure of playing a round with @ncwoz last fall and hope to do so again sometime soon.

    Golf has been very good for me both mentally and physically, and I'm glad I've found a place to share my highlights/lowlights with like-minded peers. I've learned a lot from all of the very knowledgeable members on here.

    When I joined, I estimate I was somewhere between a 20-22 handicap, shooting mid-90s on my better rounds. During the initial testing/fitting for the Epic Flash driver, I was carrying my driver 210-220 yards and 240 yards was an absolute bomb. I remember measuring my driver speed at 94 MPH with a Swing Caddie that winter. My golf game has come a long ways since then, and the forums are most definitely the driving factor behind that. 

    While my pocketbook would likely be much more full had I not fallen back in love with golf and finding this site, I don't regret that a bit. 

    Here's to another two thousand! (Which will likely take much longer than the first.)

    Congrats! Enjoy your posts and your improvement thread. I aspire to follow in your footsteps and drop my handicap like you did. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, BMart519 said:

    Anything I've ever read is max 2 MPH per inch increase, average 1-1.5 MPH and minimal for gain for some people. You would need to go to 46" or beyond to get anywhere close to 5. 

    I was about 2mph difference on trackman between my TSi 2 vs. SIM Max, 0.5" difference but thats not a perfect comparison of course. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, Shapotomous said:

    Did you get away with it....I mean does this story actually work on the spousal unit ?????   🤔

    There really wasn't any doubt about that was there??  This IS@dlow206 we are dealing with!

    This is like the tree falling in the woods but nobody is there to hear it kind of thing....

    Congratulations, you have  taken club-ho'ing to a whole new subconscious level!  


    It turned out to be free though haha

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  4. Ok, got my swing back thanks to Johnny Miller. Its a tip that I have seen in the past and it helps with my strike. Its not a swing change, just a swing thought and having awareness of your left shoulder and trying to return it to where it was at setup (not literally exact same position, but should be near or slightly ahead of where it was when you started). 


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  5. 1 hour ago, BMart519 said:

    Pretty sure it is just a ratio of length between the stack club and length of your driver. My driver was entered at 45.25"

    I like that the App now shows your max speed at each weight during the session to give you a target to beat. Another nice to have detail to keep intention high with each set of swings. 

    I would love to gain 5 mph if i can control a slightly longer driver. Right now playing a 44.5". 

  6. 15 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    Was it from a company?  You could always go check you order status to make sure you didn’t order it. 😂


    14 minutes ago, Apolloshowl said:

    I mean if you like I'll take it off your hands! Maybe a gift from someone?

    Ok, i figured it out. A few months ago, before I bought my Two Ball Ten, I had ordered this 7S from Golfballs.com, but canceled the next day and they didn't charge me. They went and canceled the order with Callaway and so they didn't get charged either. But Callaway still built it and sent it...

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jmikecpa said:

    Not really a problem but more of a gripe.  I absolutely hate the car buying process and it is even worse when you are 8 hours away and trying to buy a car in NY.  So far I have had six calls from one dealer asking if there is any way that I can get there this weekend to do something in person that we can easily do over the phone.  No hassle and no haggle prices are BS at the best and there is always hassle since they could not possibly sell the car for what they advertise it for, simple math and being a finance guy tell me that.  Between Chevy and Jeep they have beat me into just keeping what I am currently driving.  My only hope is that I like the new Lincoln Aviator when I see it in person on Thursday.  My local Lincoln dealer has sold me a lot of cars over the last 10 years and they are actually not terrible to deal with, just not sure I want another Lincoln.

    I for some weird reason enjoy the car buying process and usually end up with a good deal. Bought a truck in Jan, got pretty much most of the deal done via email, even though every dealer told me to come in to talk. What I did was priced out cars at different dealers based on their online prices, and found a few dealers that put up low prices online, while the large majority of dealers put up normal MSRP prices. The couple of dealers that put up the low prices were not the no haggle type, think they were just putting up low prices to get more people to buy cars from them. I sent those prices to the dealers that were closer to me and i told them up front if you won't deal with me over email that i will not be buying a car from them. I used the pandemic as my excuse for not wanting to come in person to negotiate. 

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  8. 51 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    Putting this in now prior to my fitting next week. I have a driver fitting with Ben and his Tour Van at Pumpkin Ridge. Last August I got fit by him into my 0211s which I love ( although I wish I would have at least tried a Srixon). Anyways, I am currently gaming an EF SZ ( with Fuji Pro 63 XS that I have since swapped for either a Tensei pro orange or Fuji pro 2.0 TS 7X) that I was somewhat fit for a few years ago and am looking for something more forgiving ( if the numbers support it).

    Ben is really focus on the build aspect so I am hopeful to get something a little more in line with what would benefit me the most. I have tinkered with a shorter shaft and love the more solid contact. Ben also rarely fits people is drivers longer than 45”, so I am hopeful to find something to maximize distance and dispersion. Finally, if there is time I may get to also shaft optimize my super hybrid and maybe my sub70 3H  (some good reviews of kbs and MMT have got me thinking). 

    My early pick is the Radspeed XB or the PXG 0211 or the Srixon ZX5 but, as @Kenny B can attest to, something might come out of nowhere and surprise me. 

    Make sure to try whatever you want to try, so you can cleanse your mind of what ifs.

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  9. I strongly believe that if you are outside the meat of the bell curve based on one or more physical characteristics, you should get fit. I also believe that if you need to put your mind at ease that you have tried out multiple combinations of clubs so that you don't have in the back of your mind that what if Club X is better, then you should also get fit. 

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  10. 29 minutes ago, mr.hicksta said:

    So it's interesting, Mark had a hard time getting the MMTs to D2 and they're 5g heavier than the LS 6.0s. I had been playing my irons at D3 and wedges at D4-D5. With the MMTs the irons felt fairly stout, but totally mushy at impact. It was very strange. 

    Gotta go all Accra bag 

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  11. 9 hours ago, ChiefMikeOfficer said:

    I didn't get that one 😔. @dlow206 picked up 2 so maybe he can hook you up.

    It's Hole 9 Design - seems like a newer headcover company that's latching onto the Limited-release headcover trend, but they are very inexpensive relative to others. Really cool designs: https://instagram.com/hole9design?igshid=vlvn114hl12w

    But... Maybe some quality or compatibility issues? Here's some pics of the Michaelangelo I picked up over the winter. It looks awesome, but these pics are the first time I tried to put it on a putter, and it's not fitting well (Guerin Tour Spec standard sized mallet - fits just fine over the head, but magnets are sliding a bit and not latching. Hopefully it works better with the EVNRoll). 




    I've got the Ninja Turtle blades, one white and one black

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  12. 1 hour ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    Only shafts I can think of that are made in the US would be the steel shafts from True Temper/Project X

    There may be some small number of graphite shafts made in the US like UST as they have a few people working at their TX facility. 

    I don’t recall if LA Golf is doing all their shafts in the US or not

    Yes on LA Golf

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  13. 1 minute ago, Chip Strokes said:

    this might be a first for the forums, but i’m on your wife’s side here. i can’t stand clutter and that’s a lot of bags sitting there unused.

    i’ve got just a couple of shafts and a putter i haven’t been able to sell and it drives me crazy every time i see them in the basement. 

    I don't really like it either. Think i will donate the Nike bag, donate the Revolver XP bag that had an issue with the putter well, but i fixed, sell the Revolver XP bag that I get from the warranty claim, keep the Sun Mountain bag for travel, and then have the new cart bag that fits with the electric caddie. 

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  14. My wife is going to kill me, but think i might pickup a Stewart golf bag to go along with my electric caddie that is on pre-order, because it has an interlocking system to help stabilize the bag. She's not going to kill me because of price, but because I am taking up space in the garage with golf bags. I currently have in the garage: a Nike bag, a Sun Mountain carry bag, a Revolver XP bag (currently in use, but has a warranty claim for it), and a second Revolver XP bag that will be coming due to the warranty claim. I don't have to send the first one back, and the first one still works because i glued a piece back together. 

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